ZERO TO THREE’s podcast series, Little Kids, Big Questions Learning Objective: I

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ZERO TO THREE’s podcast series, Little Kids, Big Questions Learning Objective: Identify and explain the inherent biological synchrony between baby and mother during lactation and breastfeeding. Discuss the patterns of sleep during the infant and toddler years. Compare and contrast the different approaches to infant sleep decisions. Overview: The podcast series introduced in this activity aims at helping parents address common challenges during the infant and toddler years through the use of conversations and interviews with the leading experts in the field. I have selected two videos that are related to our unit this week. Instructions: Review the descriptions of the two podcasts and decide which one you want to listen to (you can also read the transcript). Reflect on the podcast and share your reflection in this assignment. Your reflection should include at least two paragraphs. One paragraph addressing your personal reaction or connecting to the topics. The second paragraph comparing the podcast to what the textbook presents. Option 1: Talking About Babies, Toddlers, and Sleep In this podcast, Dr. Jodi Mindell describes what to expect around sleep in the first 3 years, how to encourage good sleep habits, and how to cope with common sleep challenges.


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