you’re assessing a 2 mile radius around the Agency for the resources listed on t

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you’re assessing a 2 mile radius around the Agency for the resources listed on the Community Reconnaissance Assessment Tool—in other words, you’re “filling in the blanks.” You’ll explain, where possible, the services, costs, and hours of the resources. How many pharmacies are there and do any stay open 24 hours? How many public and private schools are there? What is the cost for private schools? How many grocery stores did you find? This is important for identifying “food deserts”. How many churches did you find in this area? Do any offer more than the traditional worship services, such as food pantries, counseling, support groups, etc.? Of course, you may not find any of the things listed above within 2 miles of your Agency. If you don’t find these things, you’ll find other things to investigate. Keep in mind that this is just a snapshot of your community. That’s all there is time for. You may find resources that are not listed on the assessment Tool—this is great! Feel free to add to the Tool if you think of something else or if you find it in your community and feel it is something really great. Add it to whichever one of the 9 systems you feel it applies! You also may discover that some of the resources on the assessment tool are “missing”—they don’t exist in your community. That’s okay, too. Just note these as “missing” (highlight, circle in red, etc.).


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