You will post a single-spaced 2-page report (12-size font, 1 inch margins) of yo

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You will post a single-spaced 2-page report (12-size font, 1 inch margins) of your interview. The report will include: 1) a summary of your interview, 2) your synthesis of how it relates to the larger themes discussed in this course. Themes discussed in this course has been about migration. Please include the interview questions you asked as an appendix to your paper. Why did you choose to come to this country instead of somewhere else? What was your motivation for migrating? What was the most difficult part about leaving? Who was most helpful with getting you settled? Migration can be hard. Where did you find strength in difficult times? What do you think are your family’s hopes and dreams for the future? What do you wish more people knew about immigrants or migrants? What goals do you have for yourself?


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