When did anatomically modern humans arise in Africa, and when did they first beh

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When did anatomically modern humans arise in Africa, and when did they first behave in recognizably human ways? How and when did the first humans settle in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas? How and where did humans begin to cultivate plants? How did agriculture’s impact vary around the world? What were the similarities in political structures, religions, and social structures of Mesopotamia and Egypt? What were the main differences? When did the international system of the eastern Mediterranean take shape, and how did it function? How did monotheism arise among the ancient Hebrews, and under what circumstances did they record their beliefs? What evidence survives of social stratification at the Indus Valley sites? How did the Indo-Aryans describe the social stratification in their society? What were the main teachings of the Buddha? Why did Ashoka believe that supporting Buddhism would strengthen the Mauryan state? Who were the main actors in the Indian Ocean trade? What types of ships did they use? Along which routes? To trade which commodities?


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