What is this assignment? The short answer: a research proposal for a case study

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What is this assignment? The short answer: a research proposal for a case study on a global issue that could be presented to an entity (government agency, NGO, private business, research center, think tank, etc…) that has interests in that issue. The longer answer: instead of another timed test as the final exam, I want to see if you can apply the lessons of this class about gaining global perspective to a topic of your own choosing. Some of these lessons were about learning how to structure social science research; others were about learning from the example set by GSS researchers. I have designed this assignment to give you a chance to apply both types of lessons. Directions: Below is the recipe for how to do the research project. I want it divided into the five sections described below, with each section clearly labeled at its beginning and each subsection numbered accordingly. The inside of each section should consist of paragraphs with complete sentences, as directed below. You can include charts, images, maps, etc… if you want, but if you do, they have to have a caption explaining what it is and a citation for where it was found. In the Appendix, you need to include a properly formatted bibliography/works cited page in the citation style of your choosing. The Parts of the Final Project Section I: The Global Issue Explain what the issue is and why it is “global” issue. Do not just assert: get quotes and statistics to prove its global nature from reputable sources. [1-3 paragraphs] Explain how it impacts Multiple Scales/Locations differently (ie how it impacts different people, different locations, and different processes in similar and different ways). [1-3 paragraphs]. Explain the research of one “big name” researcher (or group of researchers, if they always write together) who works on the issue, why you consider them a “big name” researcher, and what they examine/say is important to examine about your topic. Again, you are looking for books or highly cited articles – but they should be academics or major government/NGO researchers [1 to 2 paragraphs]. Three examples of other case studies, published in academic journals or by major NGOs or government agencies. Include citation and a brief summary of each study’s research in your own words, and then reflect on how these studies are similar or different. [1 paragraph, with 2 to 4 sentences on each of the three case studies, and 2-3 sentences of comparison]. Section II: The Entity from where you are applying for research $$$ What is the name of this entity and what is the overall mission of this entity. Also, include the link to their website. [1 short paragraph] What specific programs/research does this entity do related to the research you are proposing. Give specific quotes with a from their website that prove their interest/involvement/importance. [1 paragraph] Section III: The Research Question and Case Study State your research question and explain why will it contribute new knowledge/perspective to larger conversations on your issue. [1 paragraph] What is your research site/case study? Describe it (use reputable sources) and explain why it is a good location for your research. [1 paragraph] Section IV: Lessons Learned from GSS researchers There are seven modules from GSS researchers during this semester . Pick three of them, and reflect on how each module you picked has a lesson you will apply to your own research design/interaction with subjects/selection of topics/framing it conversation with other research topic/etc.. One paragraph each. Be detailed, not vague. The objectives at the start of each module can give you ideas for lessons from each module, but you can also come up with your own lessons. (Think of this portion kind of like a take home essay exam. This is where you can also borrow from your Pecha Kucha comparisons you’ve already completed. This section will most likely be very easy for you if you did both Pecha Kucha assignments well.) Section V: How the research will be carried out? Give a brief research overview. Where is it happening, for how long, and involving how many people. The longest your study can last is a year; one month is probably the shortest – but this depends on your methods. [One paragraph] Describe at least one method you will use, why it will help answer your research question, and how you will plan to execute it. (Do your best here, I didn’t give you a bunch of information on how to do this and I don’t want you spending time looking up more details). [One paragraph per method] Explain how this research will help gain global perspectives and help people/the planet be better off and/or at least better understood on their own terms. [One paragraph] Explain some of the challenges you might face while doing this research (ie what could go wrong, how people could potentially be hurt, etc…review the module on ethics, it’ll help you here). [One paragraph] How will the research be shared and why were those methods chosen? (For example, will you include a report to the agency or do some outreach to affected population and/or the general public) [One paragraph] Finally, include: Appendix: Bibliography/Works Cited Tips and Grading: Sections I. and II. require you to find and read your own sources, as we have practiced doing in the early part of the semester (exit questions). Sections III. IV. and V. should be able to be completed using only course material. In terms of grading, my three major criteria are: 1) does it make sense? 2) is it well-written? and 3) does it show sincere effort? I don’t expect you will have a perfect understanding of your global issue, the research around it or the entities that fund research. This is hopefully the start of the journey towards understanding, not the end point. Similarly, this is not a research methods course – I don’t expect you to be able to have a super-detailed, perfectly honed research protocol here. Again, I am thinking of this more as a take home essay test than an actual research proposal. BUT! There are some things you can control. You have to propose a project that you could actually, as one human being (or a human being leading a small team), execute about a real global issue, which is targeted to a real agency that really works on that issue. The understanding of all of this doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to pass the “does this make sense as a whole paper” test. It can’t seem illogical or improbable. Similarly, it must be readable. All of you can produce a well-composed essay if you take the time and edit or get help from friends or the Writing Center to help you edit. Incomplete or run-on sentences, crazy long paragraphs, and other issues that make your project hard to read will lose you points. And finally, if you just give half effort – wherein you are extremely vague, pick only the first citations you see and/or ignore parts of the recipe – that will also lose points. But if you put in the effort, proofread and edit the document to make it readable, and follow the directions, you can expect a good score. Restate your proposal question again here. **I want to change my research topic to examine how coronavirus limits affect international ties.** Explain how your research question will be ethical? (10 pts) My research will be ethical, by using pillars of ethical research. I am going to use credible information when researching the different ways Coronavirus shut down the normal ways of the past. The research steps to see how Coronavirus shut down travel, business, and society will use integrity, transparency, and accountability for all parties involved. The fact that I am a US citizen will not show any favoritism toward The United States government or another government. I will use respectfulness and obedience to the law in gaining the information that is used for my reports. Explain how you will address the three main categories of ethics in research discussed in the reading. Be explicit. (15 points) I will adhere to FIU’s “academic honesty” principles, which implies that all of my research will be conducted with the greatest level of integrity and honesty. That implies I have to do my own work and not rely on others. Individual study subjects’ confidentiality is very crucial to me. As a researcher, I have to think carefully about how to approach a subject. When dealing with privacy concerns, I must pick the acceptable conditions and setting in which participants may be contacted, as well as where participant information will be gathered. One of the most essential components to me is making sure that the participants in my study are informed about how their personal information will be protected and their identities will be protected. This might include safeguarding the participants’ privacy, keeping information secret, and/or allowing them to remain anonymous. My research will have proven contributions, good impacts, valuable improvements, or benefits that research will regard the quality or qualities of society rather than its quantity. My research will contribute to the help understanding how coronavirus affects the economy, society, culture, public policy and services, health, the environment, or quality of life; and that are outside of academia. I believe the best strategies that aligns with my research question would be Postcolonial and Critical race methodologies. The Postcolonial and Critical race methodological implications would help relate to examining how coronavirus limits affect international ties because critical race mythologies are often associated with specific groups of scholars from across the social sciences and humanities the injustice of people locked down or being locked out of things resonates with me because i am a person of color, hearing the point of the global majority that is silence. In the research field such as Global studies, postcolonial studies and critical race theory, would allow me to see what area I want to dive into then let me formulate a decies research plan. This research question would have the mainstream populations rethinking that historiography mostly takes place from the western European society. Postcolonial studies falls in line in opposing this notion, while critical race allows me to search from the global majority point of view.


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