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Client Interventions
For this assessment, you need to watch/read a series of case studies involving clients with varying issues and justify the most appropriate intervention(s) to apply to each. (I’m providing the transcript of the video below a 2 minute and a half video transcript)
For each case study, you should:
• Identify the issues to be addressed
• Recommend an appropriate intervention, using techniques drawn from one or several counselling models covered in the course
• Outline the intervention, bearing in mind issues of diversity and difference which inform anti-oppressive counselling practices
• Explain why it is particularly appropriate in this case.
Different counselling models should be used for each case study.
Please see the Task Instructions for more detail.
This task tests your ability to apply different theoretical models to real cases. It measures the depth of your understanding of therapeutic change processes and the ethical issues involved in selecting interventions. It also critically examines your approach to diversity issues.
Task Instructions
To complete this assessment task, you must view the two (2) case studies related to Assessment 2, then write an essay, which analyses both case studies and identifies the main issues that each client in the scenarios has brought to counselling. Then, using your knowledge of the counselling models covered in this course, outline the most appropriate intervention(s) that can be applied.
Your response should include an explanation of the steps and strategies for therapeutic change. In each case, explain why the model you have chosen is the most appropriate for the particular client’s circumstances, synthesising findings from the literature to back up your conclusions. You also need to analyse and discuss anti-oppressive counselling practices and how they can affect the client, considering the ethical issues involved in selecting interventions, and bearing in mind issues of diversity and difference.
Use an essay format with an introduction concerning both case studies, followed by an analysis of the counselling response to Case Study 1 and then consider Case Study 2. Finally synthesise the information and come to a conclusion. You will be marked on your analysis, evaluation and application of knowledge of counselling interventions.
Referencing It is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research.
Assessment Rubic
Demonstrates advanced knowledge and deep understanding of counselling models:
At least 2 counselling models covered by the course are discussed and their differing therapeutic change processes are justified, using credible evidence and related to the case studies
The techniques used in each model are clearly explained in the context of theory and practice and there is some consideration of diversity issues
1 Case study Social Anxiety (short videos, this is the transcript, ) Client A
Counsellor: Thank you for coming here today, I believe my assistance has told you what it means to come to counselling including the confidentiality, everything you say in this room will stay in this room and outline the exception if you were going to cut your self or others, I must stop this from happening.
Client: yes. I understand (soft voice, appears shy , she is a white female)
Counsellor: Zaydi, can you tell me why do you come to counselling today?
Client: I do not like talking to people ( Zayde sitting on a chair and looks on the floor, she appears insecure )
Counsellor: how long has this been a problem?
Client: always
Counsellor: this must be hard for you? You are very brave coming here today.
Client: thanks ( Zayde appears shy and looks at the floor )
Counsellor: sometimes when people appear shy they find it easy to speak if they find doing something else. Do you like drawing, sketching?
Client: nodded ( appeared anxious)
Counsellor: great
Counsellor: gives paper, and pen to draw.
Counsellor: Zayde, tell me about your family, I met your sister earlier, what about the rest?
Client: mum is a bit shy too and says there is nothing wrong with a girls no talking too much(Zayde continues drawing).
Counsellor: what about the rest of the family?
Client: just the 3 of us dad left years ago.(Zayde continues drawing)
Counsellor: what would you like to get out of counselling and how do you know this is going to be a success?
Client: I want to be able to talk to people so I can get a good job (Zayde speak soft)
Counsellor: that’s great. Next time we can go for a walk side by side and have a chat, or you can keep drawing. What do you think is going to work best?
Client: I’ll draw (she smiled)
Counsellor: that is great Zayde, thank you so much for making the effort today. I’m really looking forward to seeing you next week.
Client: (appeared shy and smile with tight lip. ).
Client 2 (the client is from another country I think he is from India)
Perfectionist (Client B)


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