What are some of Southern Implant’s risk-related vulnerabilities that may influence its continued organizational and international success?

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a management discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.The answers to these questions must be based on the document I have attached.1. Southern Implants built an international presence since its inception. How have organizational risk-taking and managerial risk preferences been managed so far? Explain with reference to the case events and/or scholarly readings. [20%]2. Blackbeard is considering establishing a new processing plant to diversify his risk profile. Analyze the two locations—the United States and Portugal. Compare and contrast these locations’ risk landscape from Blackbeard’s perspective. Based on your analyses, select the country that has a better fit given Blackbeard’s risk profile. Explain your selection. [40%]3. What are some of Southern Implant’s risk-related vulnerabilities that may influence its continued organizational and international success? Discuss the top two vulnerabilities in-depth, with reference to the relevant chapters of your assigned readings in the course. [40%].Submission Guidelines The paper should be written in consistent with APA format. Use an appropriate book, or consult Google if you need assistance with standard writing style in APA, file formatting, and/or library research.  The page range is 4-5 pages double-spaced (no more than 5 pages; excluding the title page and references/bibliography/appendix). Explain your arguments in a succinct manner. Remember, your submission will be graded on the quality of analysis rather than quantity of pages.  The submission should be written in font size 12, Garamond/Times New Roman. Submit a word file through Canvas as an attachment (i.e., do NOT copy-paste your paper).  All cases are checked with the Turnitin anti-plagiarism software to help assure the integrity of the assignments. Severe penalties will be assessed if assignments are copied and/or lack proper citation.  No late submissions are allowed without written and prior approval. If approved, a “grace period submission” may be allowed if submitted within 24 hours of the deadline, under the condition that 15% points will be deducted from the total points obtained.  Please do not make any requests for any submission after that “grace period” submission has passed. ______Evaluation Criteria Your case submission will be evaluated based on the:o Directness and specificity in answering all the questions. Explain your ideas and reasoning clearly.o Thorough and in-depth analysis of underlying issues. When appropriate, support your answers with facts or examples from the case, drawing on concepts you learned in the course, other scholarly sources, and/or from class discussiono Presentation of relevant and legitimate information, data/table, reference to the case, textbook concepts, and/or other scholarly materials. o Clarity of writing, organization of thoughts, and grammatical correctness.


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