Use specific examples from the podcast,” As Black as We Wish to Be” ; ( https://

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Use specific examples from the podcast,” As Black as We Wish to Be” ; ( ) , as evidence to support your answers to the following review questions. Indicate the time your evidence is heard by citing the time (2:08) in your answers. ESSAY QUESTION: Many anthropologists and social scientists claim that “race” is constructed culturally rather than biologically. How well do the lived experiences of the residents of East Jackson support this claim? In your essay answer (at least 1,000 words) you must describe the special hierarchy of social stratification in Pike County, Ohio. What material evidence proves that some groups have more access to prestige, power & wealth than others? Which social groups and why? Give specific examples of the wealth, power & prestige involved. For example: Is their experience of social stratification explicitly racist? If so, how? What’s “class” got to do with it? (Look up ascribed and achieved status.) How is one’s social identity successfully ascribed to the residents in East Jackson? By whom and for whom are the identities ascribed? Which social identities are achieved in East Jackson? How successfully are they achieved? By whom and for whom? What normally tacit cultural knowledge about “race” in the US does the lived experience of all the residents of Pike County make explicit? Grading Criteria: Does the essay have a thesis statement, or an overall perspective, that directly addresses the essay question? – 2 points Is the thesis or perspective supported with strong argumentation and the use of significant details – 3 points Are the conclusions of the paper warranted? – 2 points The presentation is easy to read. (grammatically correct sentences; accurate spelling; attractive form) – 2 points Sentence structure and mechanics (grammatically correct sentences; accurate spelling; careful proofreading; appropriate punctuation) – 1 point VALUE: 10 points Upload and submit your essay as follows: Formatted as an MS Word (.doc or .docx) file Double-spaced, one-inch (1”) margins all around No smaller than 11 pt. font; no cursive fonts Cite your in-text references using APA style If you choose to use additional references, cite them in text using APA style and on a “Works Cited” page Your name, course, section, date, and page number as a header on all pages


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