Topic: Threat of a hurricane to the Gulf Coast or East Coast area of the U.S. 

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 Topic: Threat of a hurricane to the Gulf Coast or East Coast area of the U.S. 
The content of your paper must be at least 7 pages in length (double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 font), not including cover page, references, appendix, tables, etc. The format of the paper must include: 1) submit in Word document and not PDF; 2) a Cover page, which must include the title of the paper, your name, date of submission, and course name; 3) an Abstract or Introduction, which states the purpose of the paper; 4) Sub-headers for each topic as prescribed by the Guidelines listed below, which also serves as the evidence to be graded; and 5) a Conclusion, which summarizes your research findings, and includes comments of your personal perspective about the topic. The research paper must include a minimum of five (5) references, which must be properly cited using APA (7th edition) guidelines. Never use Wikipedia, which is unacceptable. All papers are filtered by Canvas through Turnitin ( Evidence of plagiarism will result in a failing grade. You may also lose 10 points every day the paper is late. Follow the instructions carefully to earn a good grade.
First, conduct thorough research for the ‘Topic’, and be sure to use/cite a minimum of five (5) reference sources > APA 7th edition, citation/bibliography format. (10/10)  
Second, consider the hazard in relation to the setting and the probability of a future occurrence based on history as described in the readings of the textbook (Chapters 1 & 2): sub-header > History of Hazard. (20/20) 
Third, apply the principles of mitigation and planning considerations to the topic as described in the readings of the textbook (Chapter 3): sub-header > Principles of Mitigation. (20/20) 
Fourth, outline a community planning and preparedness program, and include the purpose and need of timely and accurate communication as mentioned in the textbook (Chapters 4 & 5): sub-header > Community Preparedness & Communication. (20/20) 
Fifth, provide an overview of the principles of Response and Recovery, and include significant factors necessary promote and enhance communication, collaboration, and cooperation as mentioned in the textbook (Chapters 6 & 7): sub-header > Principles of Response & Recovery. (20/20)
Lastly, must include the following: Cover page, Abstract, Conclusion, Sub-headers, Bibliography, spelling/grammar/punctuation; references cited; APA 7th edition format. (10/10)


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