Topic Paper Assignment: You are an economics advisor to a U.S. Senator. The Sena

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Topic Paper Assignment: You are an economics advisor to a U.S. Senator. The Senator is interested in sponsoring legislation to address the impact of rapidly rising medical costs, and has commissioned you to write a briefing paper on the subject. You know medical costs have risen faster than other consumer costs over the past decade, and decide to utilize indifference curve analysis to demonstrate how the cost changes have impacted the Senator’s constituents. Write your Topic Paper as if it were a briefing paper you will deliver to the Senator. In it: – demonstrate and document the trends in medical costs – assume the Senator is not an economist and is not familiar with indifference curve analysis – provide some legislative suggestions to the Senator that utilize your economic knowledge – use our material – cite your sources Utilize Managerial Economics to make your case, and remember that the Senator has not had benefit of the course you are taking.


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