Three Unique Children’s Motor Development Learning Objective: This activity alig

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Three Unique Children’s Motor Development Learning Objective: This activity aligns with one or more of the following unit’s learning objective: Explain and discuss meaning-making in terms of infant and toddler’s movement Examine and differentiate the various stages of how movement development progresses Recognize and investigate how the social and cultural context, as well as caregiving practices, influence physical development in infants Overview: You are working with the caregivers of the three children described below. It is your job to provide their caregivers with specific tips, advice, and strategies to promote the children’s motor development. The children: Matka is five months old she is beginning to show a preference for sitting up so she can watch what is happening. Raul is 14 months old. He cannot pull himself up to standing. Raul moves around on the floor by using his legs to scoot on his bottom. He shows a preference for toys that are stationary and that make a sound when he pushed on them. Chelsey is 30 months old. She is very active and runs everywhere she goes. Chelsey has two older brothers who she plays with and she tries to initiate the same kind of roughhouse play with other children in the center. Chelsey enjoys large motor activities. Instructions: Read the description of the three children above. Using the article attached below, the textbook, and the additional resources presented in this model, provide the caregivers of the three children described above with at least five strategies each for promoting the children’s physical development. Be sure to reference the strategies from the source you retrieved them.


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