This is all that was provided for this paper project: “You will interview two pe

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This is all that was provided for this paper project: “You will interview two persons who are full-time employees outside Southern Illinois University. You will ask them a list of questions related to the chapters of the textbook or other readings (e.g., job analysis, employee recruitment, employee evaluation, training program, motivation, job satisfaction and commitment, group behavior or teamwork, leadership, organization communication, organization change or development, or job stress). You will ask two interviewees a list of questions as examples below. (Where do you work? How long have you worked here? How long will you plan to work here and why? What is your job description (via job analysis)? How were you recruited and how does your organization recruit new employees? How are you usually evaluated or how do you usually evaluate others if you are a supervisor? What kind of training does your organization offer employees each year? What is the organization structure? How do you communicate with your supervisor, peers, and others (e.g., clients or customers)? What kind of conflict and stress do you face each month? What is the leadership style of your managers or supervisors? Please describe how you work on the project(s) with others. Do you think your organization needs any change or improvement? Why or why not?) When you approach anyone, you make it clear that this is only for the class project. All the information will not be shared with anyone else except the instructor of the class as a class assignment. Your interview raw materials of two individuals must be typed as an appendix (5%). Your project will include three parts plus your cited references and appendix. Part 1 (4%) will summarize the interview information from two interviewees objectively based on your raw materials in your appendix. In Part 2 (4%), after the interviews, you will compare and contrast the results of two interviewees (e.g., their outcome similarities and differences). In Part 3 (4%), you will use two to three (for undergraduate) or four to five (for graduate students) I/O theories and/or I/O research perspectives (you have learned from the class—book chapters and articles) to analyze and explain your interview findings. You are encouraged to use and cite reading materials (which chapters with specific page numbers) assigned in class. The paper has six to eight pages in length for undergraduate students (double-spaced and APA styled)-including your references and appendix. The length, the styles, and the rest will account for 3%. That is, a total of 20% from the formula here: Part 1 summary (4%) + Part 2 comparison (4%) + Part 3 theoretical application (4%) + style and format (3%) + typed raw material as appendix (5%). ” I’m also not looking for a spectacular, A+ paper, honestly, one that just qualifies as passing, especially since citing from my assigned book for the course won’t be possible for you. Thank you so much!


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