This assignment was locked Jun 3 at 11:59pm. Basic Analysis Paper – Directions A

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This assignment was locked Jun 3 at 11:59pm. Basic Analysis Paper – Directions Analyze a SYMPHONY! Choose ONE out of the four following Symphonies to Analyze. Remember to only choose ONE symphony to analyze. Symphony #5 by Beethoven (Links to an external site.) Symphony #40 by Mozart (Links to an external site.) Dvorák: Symphony No. 9, PSO, Marin Alsop (Links to an external site.) BASIC ANALYSIS – things to consider… A full description of what you saw in the score and what you watched and heard, comparing and contrasting the 4 movements from the symphony you choose to analyze. Use specific information (terms, etc.) that you have learned from the course in your descriptions. A majority of your paper should be a description of what you saw in the score and watched/heard and a comparison of the similarities and differences between the movements of the symphony you choose to analyze. Use these five categories to compare the four movements of the symphony (one movement at a time): Tonality – Major or minor tonality? Tempo – fast, slow, moderate, gradually changing (Note: each movement is named a tempo marking) Meter – duple, triple, or quadruple Dynamics – loud, soft, gradually changing? Articulation – accent, staccato, sforzando, tenuto, fermata, legato? Background information that you find about the composer and the symphony you are analyzing on the Internet. After you read information about the symphony, watch the performance (YouTube). Then write your analysis. And don’t forget to cite your sources at the end of the comparison study. COPY AND PASTE THE URL FROM EACH WEBSITE WHERE YOU FOUND THE INFORMATION AT THE END OF THE REPORT. I must be able to verify your information by using the URL, so be sure it is complete. WRITING STYLE: Grammar, spelling, syntax, rhetoric and addressing all of the guidelines as listed above. How will the report be graded? The report MUST contain the following: The title of the symphony and the composer. Write one paragraph on the composer of the work List each of the four movements and analyze each movement separately. Then compare each movement with the other movements. Cite your sources at the end of the paper How should the report be formatted? Typed, average size font (11-12), double-spaced. Minimum: Approximately 2 1/2 pages. Maximum: No limit! (Points will be deducted for reports shorter than 2 1/2 pages). DO NOT USE PICTURES OR GRAPHICS OF ANY KIND in this report. Do not use bullet points to describe the elements of a piece in your paper; remember this is an essay! Weight: This comparison study/analysis paper counts 10% toward your final grade in the course.


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