Read Change or Die (Links to an external site.) by Alan Deutschman and write a 1

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Read Change or Die (Links to an external site.) by Alan Deutschman and write a 1 page reflection addressing the following: 1. Pick one of the three change models discussed in the Change Process section (12.3) of the textbook and compare it to Ornish’s model in the Change or Die article. How do they relate? How do they differ? 2. How can you use these two models to better manage change efforts you lead in the future? The Office, Season 2, Episode 21 Watch “Conflict Resolution” and answer the questions below. 1. Early in the episode Oscar (played by Oscar Nunez) was “venting” to Toby (played by Paul Lieberstein) in the conference room. Was Toby’s method of handling Oscar’s issue effective? 2. Should Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell) be the one handling the conflict resolution? Why/why not? If not, who would be a better person to handle it? 3. What would have been an actual Win-Win scenario regarding the poster? 4. When employees complain to Toby about their colleagues, what is he acting as? Is this an appropriate role for someone from HR? Why/why not? 5. Is filing the complaints like Toby does appropriate? 6. From a leadership perspective, how do you think we should handle the conflict displayed throughout this episode?


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