Question 1 (1 point) In Chapter 4, SMH describes the importance of selecting a t

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Question 1 (1 point) In Chapter 4, SMH describes the importance of selecting a topic. Which factors does the book list as indicators of a potentially good topic that will motivate you in your writing? Question 1 options: topics that confuse, puzzle, irritate, or somehow pose a problem for you topics that you already know a lot about topics you wish to know more about topics that are focused and manageable for the time and constraints of your project or assignment Question 2 (1 point) Your rhetorical stance is the full set of circumstances or the context surrounding any communication. Question 2 options: True False Question 3 (1 point) A working thesis should meet which of these criteria: Question 3 options: include a clear, focused topic (manageable within the constraints of the project) include a comment about the topic be debatable or interesting to the potential audience be explicitly stated in the last line of your introductory paragraph Question 4 (1 point) When reading or reviewing early drafts, it makes sense to focus first on grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. Question 4 options: True False Question 5 (1 point) As a peer reviewer, it is important to include praise of the strengths of your classmates’ writing. Question 5 options: True False Question 6 (1 point) In early-stage drafts, SMH suggests that peer reviewers focus on which features: Question 6 options: appropriateness of the work for the assignment/requirements areas worth developing more, new ideas or details to add, and opposing views organization or sequence of ideas topic sentences and transitions grammar, spelling, and punctuation Question 7 (1 point) In section 5f of SMH, the handbook suggests that a strong introduction almost always asks readers a direct question. Question 7 options: True False Question 8 (1 point) According to SMH, all language is, in a sense, argumentative. Question 8 options: True False Question 9 (1 point) Which of these is a crucial component of critical thinking: Question 9 options: disagreeing with an opposing view understanding both sides of an argument (or multiple perspectives) asking questions about the factors that shape our own and others’ ideas/beliefs interpret, examine, and/or asses the perspectives of visuals/language prove an idea wrong create (and question) your own ideas and conclusions Question 10 (1 point) Since the writing we will do in this course is academic writing, it is only appropriate to make logical appeals in our arguments. Question 10 options: True False


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