“Quality sources” include competitors’ annual reports, industry and government s

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“Quality sources” include competitors’ annual reports, industry and government site data, and articles from the USF library database (ProQuest). Do not use clickbait from essay writing websites. So, check your source and make sure it is a legit business reference. Your PowerPoint will be a professional business presentation and one that is appropriate for the workplace in the use of fonts, colors, backgrounds, and artwork. Be consistent in your formatting and use of fonts and graphics from slide to slide. One of the best fonts is Arial. Use the same font for the entire presentation. Use Standard size slide (4:3)—PowerPoint defaults to 16:9. So, click on “Design” and change. For headings, use font size 36 to 40, and for bullet text, use size 24 to 28. Your slides should have plenty of “white space.” Do not feel compelled to fill empty areas with logos or other unnecessary graphics or text boxes that do not contribute to better understanding. Make sure to include some space between your bullets. And, the less clutter you have, the more powerful the visual message. All text, including the header, should be left-justified. Use bullets, not paragraphs. And no more than two lines of text per bullet. Your use of graphics and color should add value and compliment your presentation. Have a consistent visual theme. Do not use PowerPoint templates. Your background color must be white. Use black and blue for font colors. Use high-quality graphics. Look for ones with white backgrounds. They will blend in with your white slide and give a high-quality look. Avoid light-colored text, small font sizes, silly graphics and sounds, and other distracting accents.


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