Presentation Topics (POWERPRINT IT HAVE TO BE AMAZINGLY DONE) One of the followi

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Presentation Topics (POWERPRINT IT HAVE TO BE AMAZINGLY DONE) One of the following topics will be assigned to a group or an individual student at the end of lesson 2. Topic 1: Cardiovascular and Respiratory systems Cardiovascular system Respiratory system Interaction and coordination functions between cardiovascular and respiratory systems Effects of hypertension on cardiovascular and respiratory systems Topic 2: Musculoskeletal and Nervous Systems Nervous system Musculoskeletal system (Skeletal system, Muscular system, and how they work together) Interaction and coordination functions between systems nervous and musculoskeletal systems Effects of malnutrition and obesity on nervous and musculoskeletal systems Topic 3: Endocrine and Reproduction systems Endocrine system Reproduction system Interaction and coordination functions between endocrine and reproduction systems Effects of diabetes on endocrine and reproduction systems Guidelines for Preparing Presentation Develop a presentation for teaching patients about the assigned systems. Students will be presenting on the last day of class (lesson 12). 1) Presentation content and formation Content on the slides must cover the following The system’s main structures (anatomy) and functions (physiology) How two systems regulate and coordinate the body functions Relationship between the two systems with the assigned disease Format The presentation document must be in PowerPoint format. A cover page must have the title and name of the presenters A minimum of 5 slides per presenter (put your name in the common section of the slides you created) Every slide should include a visual aid such as an image or a diagram (very few exceptions) The presentation must include slides with learning activities such as games, questions, matching exercises, etc. The last slide should solicit patient questions to check for understanding (don’t put “Do you have any questions?”, make it specific, e.g.’, “Why controlling diabetes( or hypertension) is important for your health?” 2) Developing presentation process If working in teams, select a leader who will be responsible for comminating with the instructor and showing working documents Each presentation must be reviewed by the instructor 2 times before submission of the final version. A representative of each presentation has to meet with the instructor to show a working draft of the PPT before lessons 6 (draft #1) and 10 (draft #2). The final presentation must be submitted in Canvas at the end of Lesson 11. Presentation Requirements Each student has to present for 10-15 minutes the content on their slide (10 is the minimum and you will be timed!). If this is a team presentation, a 4-5 people group will be presenting for 45- 60 minutes. You must prepare to present and not reading from the slides/notes. Engage the audience in learning activities and provide appropriate answers to patient’s during Q&A The instructor or peers may ask you any related to the assigned topic at end of the presentation (Be the expert on the whole topic, not just your slides) After presentations are completed, the class will provide feedback to each other, and the instructor will make comments and suggestions


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