Please answer these questions with a small easy answer nothing complicated.(PLEA

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Please answer these questions with a small easy answer nothing complicated.(PLEASE MAKE IT EASY AND SHORT)
Now set parameters for Mars and click OK.
In the lower-right corner of the simulator, check these two boxes:
show solar system orbits
label the solar system orbits
1.If you drag the eccentricity slider, you’ll create a white-colored “clone” of Mars.
Play with the eccentricity slider, and answer this question:
Imagine you could magically increase the eccentricity of Mars’s orbit. If you wanted to make it possible for Mars to crash into the Earth, Mars’s eccentricity would have to be at least how big?
2.In the previous question, you created a magical “clone” of Mars and increased its orbit’s eccentricity, until it could possibly crash into the Earth.
If you wanted to make this “magical Mars clone” able to crash into Venus, its eccentricity would have to be at least how big?
3.Now uncheck “show solar system orbits”, set parameters for Earth, and click OK.
You may want to start the animation and slow down the animation rate so that the Earth is going around the Sun at a leisurely-looking pace, while you contemplate the question below:
Imagine a friend of yours says the following:
“I think the seasons are caused by the Earth being close to the Sun in summertime, and far from the Sun in wintertime. The closer to the Sun we are, the more intense the sunlight will be, and the hotter the Earth will get.”
Based on what you see on the Planetary Orbit Simulator, do you think your friend is likely to be correct? It is likely that the seasons are caused by the Earth’s distance from the Sun? Why or why not, based on what you see in the Simulator?
1.There’s a famous comet called Halley’s Comet, which was last visible for  several months in 1986. It will be visible again for several months in 206
The orbital period of Halley’s Comet is 76 years.
Based on the two questions above, write a short explanation of why it’s only visible for such a small fraction of its orbit.
1.Although the written instructions on the Projectile Simulation webpage say to fire the bullet at 1400 m/s, let’s keep it a little simpler, and just leave the initial projectile speed at 1.0 km/s. (This is the default value when you start the simulation.)
Fire the projectile.
What is the maximum height that the projectile reaches, in kilometers?
2.Having found Earth’s escape velocity, click “start over”, and try these settings:
planet mass: 1.0 Mearth
planet radius: 0.50 Rearth
Notice that we’ve made the Earth one-half as big as it really is.
For the initial projectile speed, use the higher of the two speeds you selected in the previous question. (In other words, the speed that is just a little faster than the Earth’s escape speed).
How high (in km) does the projectile get before falling back?


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