Persuasive PowerPoint Presentation on Themes Choose a robust thematic statement

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Persuasive PowerPoint Presentation on Themes Choose a robust thematic statement that identifies a theme in Death of a Salesman, its dramatic significance, and evidence for it. This thematic statement will form the thesis of persuasive presentation using PowerPoint (or another slideshow of your choice that can be saved and uploaded to a dropbox). I will need to hear your voice laid over the PowerPoint — as though you’re delivering the presentation live. You may use one of the themes discussed in this Learning Activity or pick one of your own. Then, in an persuasive presentation, explain the importance of your chosen theme. If you have three points to articulate the existence of your theme and the important function it has in the story, then you’re good. YOUR GOAL: Prove the existence of your theme in the story through a consideration of characterization, character development, character relationships, major and minor internal and/or external conflicts in the story, or the presence of any symbols or motifs. Using a different text as my example, here is a good thesis you are welcome to model your Death of a Salesman presentation after: SAMPLE THESIS: Mark Rosman’s A Cinderella Story suggests that appearances often differ from reality and that, consequently, it is folly to judge someone or something based on initial observation. (Then your whole presentation would prove at least three ways in which appearance differs from reality and the negative consequences that arise when this quick judgement occurs.) Because you’re submitting a slideshow, please ensure the slides are legible, that they are accompanied by visual elements that make them engaging, and that I can hear your voice as your scroll from slide-to-slide. After you have put your ideas in writing in a script, and you have found DIRECT QUOTATIONS from the play to support your thematic statement, put the thesis and main ideas and quotations in your PowerPoint. This is a presentation so don’t just read to me! you can do everything on Word. and i will put the information into a powerpoint.


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