Pathophysiology Paper Criteria 1. Description of the pathology 2. Normal anatomy

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Pathophysiology Paper Criteria 1. Description of the pathology 2. Normal anatomy of major body system affected 3. Normal physiology of body system affected 4. Mechanism of pathophysiology 5. Prevention 6. Treatment Students will be assigned individual topics related to physiology and pathological conditions of physiological systems. The student will be required to complete criteria 1-7 in a written paper. The paper will be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 pages long not including a title and reference pages. Images will not be counted as part of the page count. If an image takes up half a page plan on adding in half a page above the 4 page minimum of additional content. A minimum of three APA-style references must be included in the paper. There should be an APA-format references page at the end of the presentation. Additionally, in-text citations should be included when appropriate. Reputable resources include peer-reviewed journal articles, textbooks, interviews with clinicians who deal with these pathologies on a daily basis, personal experiences, class lectures, and other scientific sources. The student should use a font size of 12, Times New Roman, and double-spaced throughout. The paper should be written with the text aligned to the left margin with 1” margins. Students should review the information about plagiarism in the Student Catalog. Any copying of information from another source without giving proper credit through a citation will be met with severe consequences. In line with this, however, the entire presentation should not be directly copied from other sources. The student is expected to compose ideas in their own words, and only use text from other sources as a minor supplement. The assignment should be submitted through the Dropbox in Canvas on or before the assigned due date. Refer to the late policy for late submissions. Note: Any paper submitted that comes back with a Turn-It-In Similarity Report greater than 25% unoriginal will be subject to a thorough review and potentially a zero. You are expected to paraphrase and put things in your own words (while citing properly, of course). If you run your paper and it comes back 25% or higher go back and re-work it to have less direct quoting and copying from your sources. Say it in your own words!


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