Overview: For this assignment you will choose to view either Edgar Wright’s Shau

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For this assignment you will choose to view either Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead or Rian Johnson’s Brick to analyze and discuss its genre.
Be sure that you have reviewed the resources on genre before beginning. This assignment may require multiple viewings of your chosen film, as both of these films are considered Cross-Genre, or Multi-Genre. Go into your viewing of the film prepared and take notes along the way!
• Explain the film’s genre using specific examples of the genre conventions, expectations, iconography, and any innovations you may find. Also, include your thoughts on the following questions in your discussion:
o How does the mixture of genre affect this film? o What social function might this film serve?
Read the assignment instructions and rubric carefully before beginning.
Use full sentences and appropriate academic language in all work.
Use APA citation format and include a reference/work cited page when
Post your work into the Film Lab by creating a new thread.
Provide a peer response to at least one of your classmates.
Be sure to read the criteria, by which your work will be evaluated, before you write, and again after you write.
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Evaluation Rubric for Film Lab Assignment
CRITERIA Needs Improvement Satisfactory Proficient
(0-6 Points)
(7-8 Points)
(9-10 Points)
Clarity and Structure
Assignment questions are not addressed / minimally addressed, or incorrect; explanations are hard to follow.
Assignment questions are partially addressed; some sections may be off- topic.
Assignment questions are addressed clearly and thoroughly throughout.
Details and Examples Used
None provided; or minimal details explored and/or examples used.
A few layers of detail and examples used, though some details may be missing or lacking.
Writing explores multiple layers of detail; provided excellent explanations using appropriate examples.
Evidence of Critical Thinking
Lacking critical thinking; analysis contains obvious responses to questions; little thought evident.
Some critical thinking evident, but may not directly address the key concepts; analysis shows partial contextualizing of unit material.
Clear evidence of critical thinking; analysis addresses key concepts and exhibits originality and successful contextualizing of the unit material.
(0 Points)
(1-3 Points)
(4-5 Points)
Peer Response
Did not provide a peer response.
Peer response provided though minimal and lacking depth by restating or summarizing what was already expressed; details and new ideas missing or lacking.
Peer response elaborates on classmate’s ideas/discussion with further comment or observation; presents relevant new ideas and viewpoints for consideration by group; raises questions or politely offers alternative perspectives.
Clear and Professional Writing and APA Format
Errors impede professional presentation; no/minimal APA guidelines followed.
Few errors contained that do not impede professional presentation.
Writing and format is clear, professional, APA compliant, and error free.


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