(meta-level and mid-level) while connecting theory to interventions.each student will be required to write a direct practice paper that discusses the meta-level theory that guides

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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to increase your knowledge and skill in direct social work practice
(Meta-level and Mid-Level) while connecting theory to interventions.Each student will be required to write a Direct Practice Paper that discusses the Meta-level theory that guides
your work with clients plus integrate and synthesize the Mid-level methods and applied techniques covered
in class, with field placement and /or work experiences.Additionally, students will discuss how they will
evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention and of their performance as a social workers. It is essential that
students make specific references to the readings and course textbook (minimum of 5 citations).This paper should reflect the student’s thoughts, ideas, and insights, especially with regard to the application of theory to practice. This paper should be 5-7 pages in length (title/reference pages are additional).The student should provide the following:(a) Introductory and concluding paragraphs, a brief introductory summary of an individual and/or family that
you have interviewed or worked with in your field placement. This should include:• Basic demographic information;• A mini strengths-based assessment (covering relevant domains and priorities)Both the demographic information and the strengths-based assessment content should not be more
than 1/3rd of the paper.(b) Include discussions on:1) Define the Meta-level theory you select and your rationale.2) Discuss the Mid-level method/s that you used, and what other perspectives you considered in making the
the decision of the theoretical method used, and be sure to include the individual’s/families’ perspective.3) Discuss the Treatment plan and the selected specific Mid-level techniques/interventions and how they
were applied.4) Describe ways that you would evaluate the effectiveness of your intervention strategy (client’s
behavioral change) and your effectiveness as a clinical social worker (feedback on your learning
and growing as a clinical social worker).5) Discuss any possible ethical issues/situations of the case and the challenges that you might have
encountered with any unintended negative consequences.6) Define how this case broadened your cultural understanding.7) Include a Treatment Plan in Appendix A (this can be a case plan used by your agency)(c) APA WritingPapers should be double-spaced, 12-pt. font, and should follow the APA style for writing and format. The
length of this paper is 5-7 pages of content, which includes the Treatment Plan in Appendix A, title/reference pages are additional.


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