Major Assignment 1 – Compare and Contrast Organizations Paper. Based on the Carn

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Major Assignment 1 – Compare and Contrast Organizations Paper. Based on the Carnegie classifications in Powers Chapter 1, identify two different types of colleges or universities from New Jersey (United States): one public and one private. For a more rich experience, compare organizations that vary in size and/or type (i.e., large public university and a small private college). You cannot use the institution at which you work. In a 5-7 page paper compare and analyze the organizational structure of the institutions, addressing the following questions/issues: (1) Describe each institutional structure. (2) What is the size/composition of the Boards of Trustees and how are they selected? (3) Compare the functional responsibilities of each of the key Senior Administrative Officers (i.e., President, Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost, Vice President for Student Affairs, and Vice President for Business/Fiscal Affairs. (4) To what extent do you think the organizational structure is based on and supportive of the institutional mission? Explain. (5) Compare how federal and state education policies have impacted each institution’s governance structure. (6) What are the most distinctive/interesting organizational differences and similarities? Explain. (7) What changes (if any) would you make in each of the institution’s structures? Explain/justify. Please utilize documents available to the public through websites for this project, and attach as appendices all related documents (including organizational charts) to the paper. Your comparative analysis should be framed in the context of scholarly/peer-reviewed literature (a minimum of 4 such references) on the differences between public and private colleges/universities. You are expected to follow APA format, comply with the page length requirements, and make sure that your paper is grammatically correct. Please include the following textbooks in your references as well as other references (4 minimum): Brown, M. C. Christopher (Ed.). (2011) Organization and governance in higher education. (6th ed.). ASHE Reader Series. Boston, MA: Pearson Custom Publishing. ISBN: 10-0558849520 Powers, Kristina M., & Schloss, P. J. (Eds.). (2017) Organization and administration in higher education. New York, NJ: Routledge. ISBN-13: 978-1138641204 I will add a bonus if the assignment is good.


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