LENGTH Your research must have a “Title Page” as page 1. (includes (1)your name,

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LENGTH Your research must have a “Title Page” as page 1. (includes (1)your name, (2)the class title CHEM-101 and (3)the title of your paper) Your “Body of Text” must be between 3 and 5 pages in length. (the body of text does NOT include the Title page or the Bibliography) This means if you are one line short you get a 0! If you run past 5 pages don’t end your paper in the middle of a paragraph but you should instead finish your thought. Your research paper must have a “Bibliography”/”Works Cited” page attached as the last page. FONT 12 point font, double-spaced à for “Body of Text” and “Bibliography” MARGINS (use Page Set-up in Microsoft Word) Top, Bottom, and Right margin = 1 inch Left margin = 1 inches No header, not footers The 101 paper for this semester involves searching news outlets and finding a current new article. The paper involves summarizing the article with most of the emphasis placed upon relating something in the news article directly back to something we have discussed in class this semester. The main focus should be tying something from the article back to a topic we have studied this semester. It is ok to spend some time talking about the background of the article in general terms but most of the paper should focus on the relation parts of the article has to something we have studied this semester. topics studied -Introduction, Mathematical Operations, Elements and Compound Composition, and a Study of Aqueous Reactions -Aqueous Solutions, Quantum Theory and the Electronic Structure of Atoms -Periodic Relationships Among Elements, Bonding, and Geometry of Molecules -Gases, Liquids, Solutions, and Solids


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