Learning Goal: I’m working on a sports management writing question and need an e

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a sports management writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Diversity and Inclusion Competencies for Sport LeadersUse this questionnaire as a guage of where you are with diversity leadership in sport.Respond to all statements below in a Likert-scale format as to how you consider your own beliefs AND practices:1- Strongly agree/Practice, 2- Somewhat agree/practice, 3- Somewhat disagree/practice, 4- Strongly disagree/Do not practice1. Offers useful and timely interventions in cases where progress is impeded due to a diversity-related issue.2. Understands multiple cutural frameworks, values, and norms.3. Negotiates and facilitates through cultural differences, conflicts, tesions, or misunderstandings.4. Commits to continuous learning/improvement in diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence.5. Knows and applies best practices in diversity and inclusion practices, strategies, systems, and policies.6. Understands and is current on global and local trends/changes and how they inform and influence D&I.7. Determines and communicates how D&I contributes to core business strategy and results.8. Acts as a voice for perspectives, levels, and cltures that are not otherwise represented.9. Understands how to motivagte and work with both minority and majority groups.10. Collaborates appropriately with others to envision and convey an inspiring, compelling, and relevant D&I future state.After assessing yourself honestly. Speak to a few of the statements above pertaining to your responses. You may include resources such as YouTube video, or other internet sources. Discuss your results and offer personal insights of how you may improve your diversity and inclusion leadership.Minimum THREE pages, double-spaced. APA format. Cite any references.


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