Learning Goal: I’m working on a python question and need an explanation and answ

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a python question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Write a program that gets a string containing a person’s first, middle, and last names, and displays their first, middle, and last initials. For example, if the user enters Susan Smith Miller, the program should display S.S.M.Define main():Declare Local variablesPrompt user to enter the full nameUse split method to split the full nameUser for loop to get first character of each name as an initialDisplay outputSample output:Enter your full name: Susan Smith MillerS.S.M.Q2: Employee class : Write a class named Employee that holds the following data about an employee in attributes: name, ID number, department and job title.Once you have written a class, write a program that creates three Employee objects to hold the following data:NameID NumberDepartmentJob TitleSusan Meyers47899AccountingVice PresidentMark Jones39119ITProgrammerJoy Rogers81774ManufacturingEngineerThe program should store this data in the three objects, then display the data for each employee on the screen.Example OUTPUT:Employee 1:Name: Susan MeyersID number: 47899Department: AccountingTitle: Vice PresidentEmployee 2:Name: Mark JonesID number: 39119Department: ITTitle: ProgrammerEmployee 3:Name: Joy RogersID number: 81774Department: ManufacturingTitle: EngineerQ3: Customer class : Write a class named Person with data attributes for a person’s name, address, and telephone number. Next, write another class named Customer that is a subclass of the Person class. The Customer class should have a data attribute for a customer number, and a Boolean data attribute indicating whether the customer wishes to be on a mailing list. Demonstrate an instance of the Customer class in a simple program.Sample output:Enter the name: johnEnter the address: 239 lovers laneEnter the phone_number: 817-907-5367Enter the customer number: 0011Does the customer wish to be on the mailing list?(Yes/No) YesCustomer information: Name: johnAddress: 239 lovers lanePhone number: 817-907-5367Customer Number: 0011On Mailing List: True


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