Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology writing question and need an explanat

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.A. From link below, watch 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation;Link (Links to an external site.)B. Consider skills and techniques for interviewing: attentive listening, open- ended questions, non-judgmental and non-biased questions;C. Organize a thorough and sequential question list, with neutral probes, and flexibility. Interview Questions – The Questions attached can be used, but should be expanded and revised to meet the specific needs of the person you are interviewing. As a part of the interview, you are expected to ask some follow-up questions or neutral probes to help the person you are interviewing expand on their story.A list of questions to start with are attached here: Pregnancy Interview Questions.docx Download Pregnancy Interview Questions.docxPart II: Independent InterviewA. Each student interviews one parent (someone other than yourself/partner/spouse) about a pregnancy/birth or adoption. (If you interview someone who has more than one child, she/he must choose one pregnancy and birth or adoption to talk about during the interview).B. Each student prepares a written list of questions prior to the interview, uses the prepared list as a foundation during the interview process, and take notes documenting the entire interview.C. You can do a phone interview also, but an in person one is encouraged. The ideal setting for the interview is an uninterrupted hour in a comfortable quiet place with only you and the person you are interviewing (the “interviewee”) present.Use your written list of questions as a foundation for the interview. You may decide that some questions are not necessary, that new questions should be included. You will probably need to add some follow- up questions and neutral probes. Be flexible, using your original list to maintain a logical sequence and focus to the interview.
Take detailed notes documenting the entire interview. If you prefer to tape record the interview instead of taking written notes, make sure the tape recorder is working correctly and that you and the interviewee can be heard and understood on the recording.
D. Review your notes as soon as possible after the interview. Write a transcription of the pregnancy, birth or adoption story you heard in your interview. Please use a clear question and answer format. Include any neutral probes or follow-up questions that you added during the interview. For review of a sample, see below.


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