Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology presentation and need an explanation

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology presentation and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Summarizing journal articles is a critical skill that develops with practice. Many journal articles aredense, technical, and dull. And on top of that, as we are acquiring expertise in a particular area ofthe literature, much of what we read is incomprehensible (this still happens to me). However, anystudy (worth our time) can be boiled down to a few critical elements. Learning how to summarizearticles in terms of these distilled features can greatly improve how well we can read and synthesizea set of articles (e.g., for writing a lab or capstone paper).Preparation There are 5-6 recent journal articles on Family and Peer contexts/influences on development (theAssignment 6 section on D2L). https://neiu.desire2learn.com/d2l/le/content/29809… Browse the abstracts/articles to select just one article to summarize. I’d recommend picking thearticle you are most interested in (or the one you think you best understand).To Do Using PowerPoint or Google Slides, create a summary presentation of the article following thefollowing format:A. Title Slide (1 slide) Include article title and your nameB. Critical Background (1 slide)C. Research Question(s) (1 slide) All studies have broad questions and perhaps a couple of minor questions, but try toidentify the main question the study is trying to answer. What is the specific research question?D. Methods (2-3 slides) What are the key methods details, cutting out the minor and medium details? Includethe following? Participants (number, ages, any critical demographics?) Variables (what were the critical independent, dependent, and/or correlationvariables? Only the variables relevant to the specific research question). Procedure (brief summary of what participants did? Enough to get the gist)E. Results (1-2 slides) What was the critical result related to the research question? No numbers or stats, just words.F. Discussion (1 slide) What was the answer to the specific research question?G. Class Connections (1 slide) Make one connection to class (how did this study add to what we covered?) What is one thing in the study relevant to you, parents, or public policy?Additional Inf0 No more than 3-5 bullets per slide Do not use full sentences You can screengrab from the article if it is helpful (e.g., to show a figure) If the article has more than one study, you can choose to focus on just one or try tocombine (either can work). Upload the assignment to D2L by end of day Monday 4/25. There is an Assignment 6 example video on D2L for additional info.https://neiu.desire2learn.com/d2l/le/content/29809…


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