Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology exercise and need a sample draft to h

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology exercise and need a sample draft to help me learn.PurposeThis assignment will demonstrate your ability to use an ECERs tool. Since it is not yet consistently feasible to visit centers in person, this assignment will be based on videos of an environment at another community college (Reedley). They have generously made them available for our use. Additionally, they have provided supplemental narrative information about the center (included below) which will enable you to complete your rating.Video explanation of how to complete the assignment (Links to an external site.)* *You can ignore the one statement where it says you must attend a “session”, this was made for another section that had a required meeting covering what you already learned about in the video lectures.DirectionsWhile viewing the classroom videos linked below, use the ECERS-3 rating sheets for items 1, 2, 4, 5, 16, and 18 to rate the classroom depicted in the videos and score each item using the ECERS 3 Scoring Sheet which you will find just below the rating sheets. Remember, you must use BOTH documents at the same time. The videos provided will give you the information needed to score sheet the items. Make sure you read the notes of clarification which will provide additional information that may not be apparent in the videos.
You will need to watch these videos multiple times (as many times as you need to get complete information). You will gain information for numerous measures in each video, in other words, each video does NOT correspond to a specific Item. You will NOT be able to fill out the ECERS entirely if you try to watch only the videos you think correspond to the Item #s on the scoring sheet.
You can use any means you are comfortable with to fill out the ECERS. You can print, write your score in and then upload the pictures, or use some of the formatting options available in Microsoft word. If you are struggling with filling the document in, please contact me ASAP.
Some parts will ask about interactions observed. Since this is not a live observation, you have my permission to make this part up. I’m most interested in your understanding of the scoring system.
Do your very best to combine all of your sheets into ONE document prior to submitting.
** There are not many 7’s on the score sheet; please make sure you read and apply what you have learned. Completing an ECERS WILL be something you will do as a classroom teacher.******Classroom VideosClassroom Overview Pt. #1Classroom Overview Pt. #2Classroom Overview Pt. #3Group AreaOutdoor EnvironmentBathroomArt CenterDramatic PlayScience CenterReading CenterWriting CenterLight TableClassroom DocumentationECERS-3 Rating Sheets to be Used-Attached pdf’sYou can fill this in any way you would like. Use the comment feature in Adobe on the pdfs, Print and do by hand, then scan or take a picture, or any other way that works for you. Remember, I need ALL of the questions’ answers (i.e., 1.1,1.2,1.3…..) and the final score of 1-7. (HINT: This center does not receive all 7’s)Additional Information: Below you will find the additional information you would typically ask the classroom teacher to complete the ECERS. Since you can’t ask, I have provided these narrative descriptions.Additional materials are available for teachers to rotate into the classroom centers as needed and dictated by the children’s interests. Additional materials include: books, manipulative, blocks, soft items (pillows, stuffed animals, blankets)
Everyday activities are set up for children in small groups and the entire group of children.
There is no additional gross motor play area inside (aside from the outdoor environment).
Parents are greeted each day by the classroom teacher as well as when the child leaves each day. The parents sign the children in and place items in the child’s cubby.
Each child must wash their hands each day upon arriving in the classroom.
All food allergies are posted; if needed, the food item in question is eliminated from the center menu.
Mats are pulled and placed 3 ft apart each day during lunchtime. While napping, children are within the visual range of a teacher at all times. Children can only nap during the scheduled nap time.
Each morning children are given a visual health screening. Immunizations must meet licensing requirements and are kept in the children’s file placed in the director’s office. All children and staff are required to show proof of TB clearance.
Children do not brush their teeth at the center.
Safety expectations are reviewed with children daily as well as visual cues posed around the classroom.
Manipulative and other classroom items are available to students a substantial part of each day.
As a project-based demonstration center, the daily activities are based upon the children’s interests and practicum students’ pre-approved activities.
Sand and water play are available outside daily (unless weather prohibits). Manipulative and other items are available for student use with sand and water play.
No TV’s or computers used in the center
Parents are issued a handbook upon enrollment and must attend a mandatory parent orientation.
The staff is evaluated every semester.
Points Possible 30RubricECERS Score SheetECERS Score SheetCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeScore SheetsScoring sheets for items 1,2,4,5,16, and 18 are completed with reasonable accuracy demonstrating understanding of the scoring process.30 ptsTotal Points: 30


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