Learning Goal: I’m working on a management question and need an explanation and

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a management question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Problem #1Complete SV, CV, CPI, SPI and EAC for each week. Also, plot plot CPI and SPI over time.BAC = 460WeekBCWSBCWPACWPSVCVCPISPIEAC15050252706040390806741201059051301201156140135130716515015582001751909250220230102702602701130029530512350340340133803603701442039540015460460450Problem #2Complete this table using the information below for the project AT THE END OF WEEK #4.ActivityPercent CompleteBCWSBCWPBCWP (using 50/50 Rule)ACWPCVSVCV (using 50/50 Rule)SV (using 50/50 Rule)Network Logic:Problem # 3On June 12th, Delta Corporation was awarded a $160K contract for Project X. The contract consisted of $143K for labor and materials with the remaining $17K as projected profit. The project started on July 3rd. The Network Logic and Project Planning Budget as developed by the project manager was as follows:Network Logic: Starting NodeEnding NodeDuration (Weeks)AB7AC10AD8BC4BE2CF3DF5EF2FG1Project Planning Budget:On August 27th (8 weeks into project), Delta’s CEO received the following status report:Activity% CompleteActual Cost (K’s)Time remaining (Weeks)AB100 $ 23.500AC60 $ 19.204AD87.5 $ 37.501BC50 $ 8.002BE50 $ 5.501The CEO could not identify the real status of the project from this report, even after comparing the report the Project Planning Budget. As such, you have been asked to prepare a better status report (using the format below). to depict the “true status” of the project including how much profit the project is expected to yield now (after week 8).Status Report Format: ActivityPercent CompleteBCWSBCWPBCWP (using 50/50 Rule)ACWPCVSVCV (using 50/50 Rule)SV (using 50/50 Rule)


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