Learning Goal: I’m working on a management discussion question and need an expla

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a management discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.If various songs or scents easily put you into a sentimental mood, don’t feel embarrassed—for positive psychology shows that nostalgia isn’t merely harmless; it’s actually beneficial for individual well-being. It also seems that the more emotionally healthy we are, the likelier we are to become nostalgic often.Nostalgia hasn’t always been viewed this way. The word comes from ancient Greek, combining nostos (to return home) and algos (referring to pain) and was created in 1688 by a Swiss physician who discussed it in his medical treatise. He used nostalgia to describe the emotional distress of Swiss soldiers stationed far from home. For centuries afterward, nostalgia had a medical, and basically abnormal, connotation linked to homesickness.Then, in the 1950s, experts began changing their view. They no longer saw nostalgia as a type of homesickness but instead as a pleasant self-indulgence about the past. Undoubtedly, this shift related to the enormous impact of TV, whose popular shows celebrated the American Old West and traditional farm life. It’s no surprise that Baby Boomers—raised on such entertaining fare—were the first generation to grow up with nostalgia as desirable.Today, positive psychology has shed increasing light on how nostalgia strengthens mental health. A research team led by Dr. Xinyue Zhou (2008) in China found that nostalgia helped people to feel more connected with family and friends, thereby reducing feelings of loneliness. These findings were consistent with an earlier study led by Dr. Tim Wildschut (2006) at the University of Southampton in England. Both researchers asserted that people with high resilience—that is, the ability to bounce back quickly from stress—are skillful in using nostalgia to uplift their mood. Of course, overly focusing on past memories can prevent us from living fully in the present, but in moderation, nostalgia can enhance our sense of closeness to others.In this activity, interview two people over the age of 40 who frequently listen to “oldies” pop music, such as on YouTube. For both persons, your interview may include these questions: In general, why do you like to listen to pop songs from earlier eras? Is it mainly because of the memories these songs evoke, their musical styles, or both reasons? Are particular “oldies” songs associated with specific events, such as high school graduation, a college romance, or a vacation? If so, could you give two examples of particular songs that make you feel nostalgic in a specific way? Overall, would you describe nostalgia as a happy emotion, a somewhat sad emotion, or a mixture of both—and why?


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