Learning Goal: I’m working on a literature question and need an explanation and

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a literature question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Week 4 Discussion Board 2: A select current issue and article analysis practice The purpose of this additional discussion board is four-fold:With provided step-by-step instructions, along with an instructor example, this exercise demonstrates how to analyze an article. Under review is a New York Times news analysis piece.
This exercise also demonstrates the denotative and connotative usage of language. Students are to pay special attention to the value judgment import of language, and also to reflect on how cognitive bias (e.g., stereotype, profiling) infuses words and shapes presumptions.
Pay attention to the resources the journalist used in terms of their authority, expertise, and diversity of political views in order to more objectively and widely present and consider further ramifications of a contemporary social issue.
Last, this exercise gives students a chance to practice analyzing an article critically by identifying an argument and counter-argument claim(s) and main points. Here is an opportunity to reflect on how a contemporary issue(s) creates social impact, and influences our thought processes, and viewpoint formation.
Prepare: Read through the provided overview article analysis of “On Health and Welfare, Moral Arguments Can Outweigh Economics.” (Active link to the full text is provided.)Write: Thoughtfully answer and reflect on your answers to the following five questions:1. What is the difference between denotative and connotative language? Provide an example of both, remarking on the difference. (e.g., winners and losers)2. How are we—society—to determine who is “deserving,” and by contrast, who is “undeserving”?3. Does society have an interest, including a moral obligation, to support those “in need,” or “those who cannot work”? Explain.4. The article referred to the “American Dream,” and how deeply embedded in the American psyche is the notion that with hard work success will follow. Do you think that is necessarily true? Explain.5. Is life fair? Provide an example.


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