Learning Goal: I’m working on a humanities discussion question and need an expla

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a humanities discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Please in your own words and make simple. Please don’t use paraphrasing websites and no plagiarism.Finding Forester – A movie starred by Sean Connery (2000) is about a mentoring relationship between a street-wise teenager and a novelist. Watch the movie and write a reactionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjO0QVuZcE8 (Links to an external site.) (trailer)__________________________________________STRUCTURE:Introduction: Write a synopsis that includes the title and main idea about the movie, but not retelling the story of the movie. State your message and your response rather than the actions in the movie or summary of the movie. (Example: Finding Forrester is a commentary film on intergeneration mentoring that demonstrates how to form a relationship between a teenager and an elderly person.)Body Paragraphs: (your points of view & opinions)  Describe three (3) key points that were made in the film in 3 paragraphs. For example, what are some of the important issues that were raised or over/under emphasized or privileged? Was the presentation one-sided, or was presented a balance view? What creative mentoring approaches does Forrester take toward Jamal? In what ways can you see Forrester influence Jamal? In what ways Jamal mentors Forrester? In what ways Forrester begins to open his mind and his life to the changes Jamal bring? (Example: Jamal’s unexpected entrance results in Forrester becoming much more relaxed and spontaneous; as time passes and his trust for Jamal grows, he agrees to venture out into public for the first time to see a ballgame, and eventually even becomes comfortable to make a trip to Scotland.)  Discuss your personal opinions about the film, and the reason(s) for your opinion.(Example: Not only did Forrester help Jamal to grow and mature, but Jamal’s presence in Forrester’s life had an equally positive influence. Look at the following facts about Forrester: what are your opinions about the main characters? does Jamal trust people? is he a thief? does Forrester want to meet people? Conclusion:  New information that you learned (what did you realize?)(Example: Although Jamal and Forrester initially appeared to have nothing in common, such as age, race, ethnicity, their shared tenacity and love for writing brought them together.) How does the topic of the film fit into the context of the course material that you are learning? What message about intergenerational mentoring does “Forrester” covers?(Example: This film demonstrates how both generations equally benefit from having a mentor. Both Jamal and Forrester were in need of a friend/mentor to help steer their lives in the right direction. Forrester was a scared man hiding in his apartment that lost control of his life after his close family passed away. He needed Jamal to show him the outside world again and to re-learn how to function in society all over again. Jamal was a teenager afraid of not fitting into the norm of society hiding in his writings after his father and brother left him. They both needed each other equally and in the end they were more than just mentors to each other What are your overall impressions and your own experience on the issue?


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