Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical discussion question and need gu

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical discussion question and need guidance to help me learn.*** PLEASE ONLY WRITE A RESPONSE TO THE STUDENT REPONSE***Question 1: Throughout the course, you have studied various aspects of leadership theory and practice and have identified one or more problems to initiate change in the workplace. Select an organizational problem you might address as a leader. You can use a problem from a previous course assignment or choose a different problem. Write a 250- to 300-word response to the following: Locate a minimum of one peer-reviewed article focused on how leaders in your profession could benefit from addressing the identified problem. Be sure to find articles published within the last 5 years. Discuss the implications of your problem for leaders.
Student Response: In complicated manufacturing organizations, communication difficulties continue to be the focus of attention, the company I work for, is not the exception. The connection managers, supervisors, and individuals from a workforce group is crucial to releasing the information, decisions, and direction effectively. Productive communication includes quality, advice, and quantity to ensure a well-executed plan, having the knowledge on which communication channels are most appropriate, depending on each situation. To initiate changes in the workplace, the first step is to follow is reinforce the hierarchy, authority, and ranking, as well as reinforce the appropriate channels of communication (in person, by phone, email, text, or in a huddle) for each message selected to ensure operations in general, efficiency, performance, and expectations according to the goals required for the companies. The technology allows individuals to discuss issues in real-time and put names in real faces ensuring that any misunderstanding can be clarified instantly. A group with different skills, traits, and behaviors can build adjustments, implement views, and uphold new assignments. Each group knows its strengths and weaknesses; working together as one group of leaders, we can communicate and send the exact message with no misinformation or misunderstanding, developing trust, competence, character, and confidence. Our leadership role is to be concerned and attentive to how the group of leaders and followers is motivated and what commands are marked to drive the individual’s scrutiny and boost intellectual stimulation for their people. Organizations must include and set up policies and criteria for this generation, empowering them to create engagement to achieve expectations and increase performance. Individuals are attentive to their attitude and how it affects the follower’s demands and, in general, the organization’s development. Question 2: Write a 250- to 300-word response to the following: How has this course changed your approach to leadership? How will you use your knowledge of the SPL model to address contemporary leadership problems in your organization?
Student Response: The SPL model has helped me understand and identify my leadership style as transformational. Leading with initiative when approaching a new task, working out, and setting up a plan for a new project decide when it is crucial to act decisively with authority. Using strengths to reinforce the team is the plan to maximize the opportunities for success. The influence at one level influences the whole organization and even outside of work cultures through motivation to the followers to reach goals. The SPL model in manufacturing will support employees’ needs and best practices to work in operations. As a leader, SPL will help me achieve the goals, evaluate systems, and enhance my skills to lead a diverse group of individuals and their performance. SPL model and transformational leadership engage individuals with others and create a connection that boosts morale and motivation in the group. SPLs have balanced, in-depth knowledge, skills, and abilities appropriate to addressing practical challenges. SPL model has a vision that urges individuals to meet goals and motivates them in their personal growth. The use of leadership strengths makes the group follow directions faster and determines task performance and job satisfaction. Through skillful leadership, ordinary people can produce extraordinary results. Leadership strengths, improve team performance by focusing on vision and motivation. I will use the SPL model to address contemporary leadership problems in my organization by combining the academic, practitioner, and leadership perspectives on training and development, the SPL model, setting the growth of highly efficient leaders in the unpredictable world today, the combinations of scholars, practitioners, leaders, enhances an organization. Using the SPL model to engage others in a group will provide focus on collaborative, satisfying efforts, and communication will also improve. SPL strengthens duties and endeavors, good for internal motivation, profound learning, and innovation in group resolution.


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