Learning Goal: I’m working on a design discussion question and need a sample dra

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a design discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.This week you will critique your Project 5: Value designs. To complete your Discussion Board assignment, follow these directions:Part OneUse the title of your design as the subject of your post.
Attach your Project 5: Value design.
Explain the inspiration behind your design, the media used, and the size of your artwork.
Exception to the rubric: Your original post and each of your classmate critiques should be 75 words in length each.
Part TwoView the designs posted by your classmates.
Actively participate in class critiques by critiquing your classmates’ designs. Your critiques should follow the four-step model of art criticism—description, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation. Do not forget to answer the questions that follow that are specific to this project.Step One – DescriptionDescribe the artwork or design. Give an objective account of what you see. What media is used? What is the subject of the artwork or design? Describe the artwork as if you are describing it to someone who has never seen it before. If the artwork or design is nonobjective—no recognizable object or subject—it can be difficult to describe. In this situation, you would describe what you see in terms of the elements of art.Step Two – AnalysisAnalyze the relationships among the formal elements present in the artwork or design—examine the interactions of the elements of art and principles of design. How is it composed? You are becoming more specific and discussing in greater detail what you see in the artwork or design, while still remaining objective.Step Three – InterpretationInterpret what the artwork or design is about and what the artist is trying to say. Your interpretation should be supported by evidence within the work of art or design discovered during the previous two steps.Step Four – EvaluationMake an informed evaluation as to whether or not the artwork or design is a success and if you like the artist’s work. Make some conclusions about why you think the artist made the decisions he/she did. Was the artist successful in his/her use of the elements of art and principles of design? If not, what could the artist have done differently to make the design successful? Evaluate how the artwork or design affects you. How does it make you feel? What is your personal response to the artwork or design? Explain your feelings. What is it about the elements of art and principles of design that contributes to your response? Feel free to express yourself, but do it in a thoughtful manner.IMPORTANT: For this particular project, is the predominant element value? Is there a focal point? Is the design unified through repetition? If so, how? If not, what changes could be made to the design to accomplish these requirements?


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