Learning Goal: I’m working on a criminal justice writing question and need an ex

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a criminal justice writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.For this assignment it’ll be more about the exploration than that destination. First I want you to go check out these sites:FBI’s Crime Data Explorer (Links to an external site.) tool: Here you can research all sorts of statistics and relationships about all sorts of crimes.https://crime-data-explorer.fr.cloud.gov/pages/hom…FBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (Links to an external site.) (ViCAP): This is a database is used to draw links between violent crimes in different jurisdictions.https://archives.fbi.gov/archives/news/stories/201…Murder Accountability Project: (Links to an external site.) This is a privately funded group tracking homicide across the US with the intent of collecting data to establish an algorithm to help identify killers.http://www.murderdata.org/Justice Mapping Project (Links to an external site.): This is offender information designed to inform penal policy and release decisions.https://www.justicemapping.org/Once you have explored these sites a bit write a reflection paper (2 pages) discussing the following:Which of these sites interested you the most and why?
What did you learn visiting these sites?
Which of these groups would be a good job opportunity for you?
State the most interesting point you saw from each website
Did this project help you to understand interpersonal violence in America?


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