Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications discussion question and need an e

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Discussion:Why is it important to identify all the paths that users are likely to take at a website before creating new content for a new website? Can you think of a website that is well planned?Reply on two classmates: 1. It is incredibly important to identify all possible paths that users are likely take at a website before you create new content, as to not disturb the accessibility of the website before making new content for a new website. The design is key for functionality of the website and it can be difficult to decide on a path for the website, as you want to cater towards each users needs but must settle on one design that will satisfy the majority of users and hopefully attract more. Though every website is different as each one caters towards their specific audience’s wants and needs, this audience is what dictates where more and less detail goes into the website. One website I believe is well planned would be Pinterest, partially due to how frequently I use the website. The website is very user friendly and I have really enjoyed the changes they have made over the years on their website. I find that the current website is easy to navigate, even for new users that I introduced to Pinterest, and the posts received on the “Home” page are catered towards the individual user, showing items based off of previously looked at and liked images and videos. Overall I find it to be an enjoyable website and their formatting/design causes me to return frequently! 2. It is important to identify all the paths that users are likely to take at a website because users may still have questions or may still be in need of information that may not be answered on the website. Creating new content for a new website may be too sudden as the existing information from the previous website may not have fulfilled the viewers’ needs. It is essential for a website to have a large amount of planned information. Separate research may be required on some parts of the website that may be a bit unrelated, but not too unrelated. You need to understand your audience and what they are looking for so that your website does not have useless content. The layout and design of the website is crucial because it is what determines how the users navigate the website and all of the visuals they view. A well developed layout of a website that is easy for a user to navigate will help them access the entirety of the website effortlessly. A website that I think is well planned would be Amazon. Amazon has a variety of ways you can maneuver the website. It has links for a wide amount of information such as assistance, refunding, purchase history, tracking your products, information about the suppliers, etc. I have had instances where the product I ordered got lost in the mail and Amazon fortunately refunds me, unlike other shopping sites. Amazon is generally very user friendly.


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