Learning Goal: I’m working on a biology multi-part question and need an explanat

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a biology multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Assignment:We all use energy. We typically use primary energy (fossil fuels) to drive our cars and heat our homes. We use secondary energy (electricity) to watch TV and use the microwaves. This assignment is to dive into the details of your electrical use and understand your electrical usage. Then you will look at how your electricity is made and perhaps how you might be able to reduce your electricity usage and even save some money.StepsPart 1 – 10 pointsFind an electrical bill. It does not need to be current. If you cannot locate one, please let me know and I will find you one.
Read the bill and determine how many kilowatt hours of electricity you used in a month (or billing cycle). A kilowatt hour is 1,000 watts used in an hour. If your toaster uses 1,000 watts (they are typically 900 watts), and you left it on for an hour – you just used one kilowatt hour. The abbreviation kWh.If you are a City of Los Angeles resident, you are reading a Dept. of Water and Power bill. Here are instructions on how to understand your bill.
If you live elsewhere, you will be reading a Southern California Edison bill. Here are instructions on how to understand this bill.
This in an example of SCE bill. You will notice that you are charged increasing amounts per kWh when you use more electricity. They are called Tiers. The more you use the more you are charged. It’s a sliding scale. So using this example the total electrical usage is 622 kWh
Then look at history of your usage. Did you use more or less electricity last month? Did you use more or less electricity last year? Please reflect why are there are differences? In this example, the usage was significantly less in October than it was in September. Why?
Part 2- 10 pointsPlease locate the closest power plant near where you live. (Map link). Open up the power plant and see what kind of electrical generation it has. Is it solar or a turbine plant. How much electrical power does it generate? The units are in Million Watts. Assume it’s making a million watts per hour. Based on your electrical usage, how many homes can this plant supply?Then estimate how much of your electricity is generated by natural gas plants, coal plants, hydroelectric, nuclear or other sources. Webpage link . You can calculate the percentages of power production in California and use that to estimate many kWh of your usage comes from each source. Use the buttons on the bottom of the page to select the source and then hover the mouse over the state. (please read instructions #7. You will be using this webpage for #7). This calculation is a two step process, First you need to figure out how much power is made by each source (wind, gas, nuclear, etc.). Then take that percentage and multiply your total electrical consumption (Total KW for the month. Example. Last month you used 100kw of electricity. Using the webpage you found that in California about 8% of our power comes from nuclear power production. That means you used (100kw * 8%) 8kw of electricity that was made by nuclear fission.
Electrical generation is different in every state. Please use the same webpage as you did for #6. Please compare the sources of electrical production between California and another state. You can pick the state. For example 14% of electricity in California is produced from solar generation, while 0% is produced in North Dakota. Compare the sources the two states get their electricity. Arrange the data by renewal or nonrenewal. How does your state’s nonrenewal production compare to California? If you pick West Virginia you will find out W.V. doesn’t use much nonrenewal energy. But please pick a state that is more interesting, W.V. us boring. Now that you have compared the two states, what do you think? How is CA doing compared to the other state in the context of what you are learning in this class?
Part 3 – 10 pointsLastly, look around your house. Check some webpages. Every appliance uses a different amount of electricity. It’s all about watts, The more watts, the more electricity the appliance is using. Please list some areas where you use the most electricity and please generate a list if areas where you can reduce your energy usage. Please write a couple of paragraphs to reflect on this assignment.


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