Learning Goal: I’m working on a anthropology multi-part question and need guidan

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a anthropology multi-part question and need guidance to help me learn.These are not the questions, i’ll send u the questions once we start. As you watch the videos below, please take notes on the following:The physical variation of the anoles and where each lives in the environment
The benefits of different leg lengths and toe pads sizes
Describe the experiment (on the island) that revealed how the adaptations in body size occurred
Definition of “species” and “reproductive isolation”
The significance of different dewlaps and how and why did they evolve
The reason each island’s anoles have the same basic body shape
In the last video, there was a focus on adaptation by the process of natural selection. Here we are going to look at various evolutionary forces at work that resulted in the modern day cat breeds. In order to discuss modern cats, the term “domestication” is often used, which is usually the result of “artificial selection” or “selective breeding” To familiarize yourself with the concept, here is a write-up to read from National Geographic’s Resource Library/Encyclopedia entry.Below is the video about cats. Please watch the video and take notes on the following:Where, why, and when the relationship between humans and wild cats begin
How cats were able to spread around the world
Make note of the effects of all evolutionary forces (gene flow, genetic drift, natural selection, and mutations)
Make note of the effects caused by artificial selection
How cats and dogs differ regarding trainability
(NOTE: First try signing in using your OCC username and password. If that doesn’t work, you will have to create an account if you don’t already have one. If you created an account for a different class, the username and password should work here too. For the video below, please watch CatTales. I know Dog Tales is interesting, but it isn’t part of the Assignment.)You are welcome to watch the entire video, but if you start at 14:57 you will watch enough to takes notes on the above items and have the information for the questions that follow. About halfway through the video(31:00-32:54), the footage will show mummified cats. Since some people might find this disturbing, I thought I would give you a heads-up. Before you begin answering the questions about the article and videos, you should familiarize yourself with the guidelines for writing responses to the upcoming questions. All examples must be from the video(s) identified in the prompt.
Identify sources:If you use information, such as a specific example, from the video mentioned in the prompt, you do not need to cite your source. The specified video is the focus of the question; therefore, it is understood that the information you provide is from the video.
If you use an example from a video that was not mentioned in the prompt, but was included as part of this assignment, then you need to cite (or acknowledge) the source.
If you use your textbook (or the webpage about artificial selection) for supporting information (e.g., definitions, general information), you must acknowledge the source. This isn’t designed to penalize you in any way. It is important to give the author credit for the idea, but this also tells me where you found the information so that I can read it too. This sometimes helps me to understand your interpretation of the material. Then, I will be able to provide clarifying statements if needed.
Points will be deducted if the sources are not acknowledged as outlined above.
You must write in your own words. Responses should not be a series of quotes or one long quote. This is your time to demonstrate that you understand and can apply the information; therefore, the words to express your thoughts must be your own.
Do not include any information from sources other than the source(s) requested in the prompt, unless you are providing supporting information (e.g., definitions).
You need to write well-developed responses that contain detailed information to the extent discussed in the videos, article, or textbooks. You are not required to include information that goes beyond the scope of this class.
This is timed, but it isn’t a test. I am here to help if you get stuck. Your answers are hidden from my view until you submit the assignment; therefore, you will have to outline your ideas and send them in an email. I am happy to send you feedback if you give me enough time to respond. The due date will not be extended because you are awaiting a response from me. Please do not include the question in your email.


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