Instructions: ? The article that you choose for this assignment must be original

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Instructions: ? The article that you choose for this assignment must be original research on human physiology. Articles focusing on microbiology will not be accepted. ? The journal from which you chose this article must be peer reviewed. ? A thorough critique of the article will involve answering the questions below. ? Type your name on the upper right of the first page of your paper. ? The reference information of this article (as listed at the end of a formal report or scientific article) must be typed in APA format and will be the title of your critique at the top of the first page. For Example, If I wrote an article about the success of Anatomy students with my colleague and we submitted our article to the New England Journal of Medicine. Then you wrote a critique on our article, the title of your critique would look like this: Colleague, Name . 2021. Success Rates of Anatomy 36 Students Based on their Pass Rates on Program Entrance Exams. New Eng. J. Med, 10, 1-5 The number 10 is the volume and 1-5 represents the pages of our article. There were only 2 authors responsible for this article. Your title must list ALL authors even if there are 20 or more of them! Once you have typed your title, you will double space, then start your critique in the format described below. There is no title page. ? You will cite this reference whenever you state information from the article, for example: o Colleague, 2021-if I wrote the article alone o Colleague 2021-since there were 2 authors o Colleague, et al, 2021-if there are 3 or more authors ? Your critique should be typed in a 12 point font and a minimum of 3 single spaced pages with default margins (10 points off for incorrect format including lack of citations). ? Use this page as a template. Type each question in “bold” type, then each of you original answers to follow (unbold). ? Spell out ALL acronyms the 1st time you use them in your critique. ? Attach a copy of your article to the back of your critique. ? As you complete your written critique, you will prepare a poster presentation of the relationship of this research to human physiology. ? This assignment is worth 75 points. Reference information-top of first page and your name (3pts) Introduction (12 pts): 1. Why did the authors perform their research? 2. What questions had already been answered by previous research? 3. What are the unanswered questions? 4. What are the hypotheses regarding the unanswered questions? Analysis of Data (20 points): 1. What specific methods were used in this study to test their hypothesis? 2. Was this an experiment or observational study or a combination? Explain. 3. How did the authors control the environment of this study? 4. Was there a control group? a. Do you think that the authors’ decision whether or not to use a control group was appropriate in the experiment(s)? b. Explain your answer! Do Not just answer yes or no. c. Can you suggest a better or additional control group that would make the conclusion stronger? 5. What conclusions do the authors draw from the data presented in this article? a. (Answer this question for each table and figure) Discussion and Conclusions (22pts): 1. (5 points) Explain specifically where you agreed with the author’s conclusions. 2. (6 points) Explain specifically where you disagreed with the author’s conclusions. 3. (5 points) Suggest experiments that you think the authors should do next. 4. (6 points) What is the most important relationship of this paper to this course? In answering this question: a. define 3 new terms that you learned by reading this article. b. explain the physiological mechanism(s) that this research highlights c. explain how this research added to the body of knowledge about this mechanism.


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