Identify supports for school personnel (e.g., equipment, consultation, or training for school staff to meet the unique needs for the student)4.

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Instructions: Special education teachers are responsible for developing and implementing Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for students with exceptionalities. This assignment allows you to demonstrate your ability to use multiple types of assessment information from a provided case study to develop an IEP for a student with an exceptionality. Individual abilities, interests, learning environments, and cultural and linguistic factors should be fully considered in the development of the IEP to ensure it meets the academic and functional needs of the student.
Use the provided Case Study located on the IEP Project: Final IEP Case Study document, the information below, and the IEP template to develop an IEP for the student. Be sure to carefully review the IEP evaluation rubric to ensure each section of the IEP fully addresses the required criteria.Complete the following in the IEP template:
1. Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance
a. Use the assessment data provided in the selected case study located on the IEP Project: Final IEP Case Study document to identify the student’s interests,
preferences, strengths and areas of need, including assistive technology and/or
accessible materials.
b. Fully describe the effect of the student’s disability on his or her involvement and progress in the general education curriculum, including the student’s performance in academic as well as functional areas.2. Measurable Annual Goals (at least 3)
a. Develop measurable and observable annual goals for each area were the
student’s disability impacts his or her progress in the general curriculum. There
must be a directly relationship between the goals and the PLAAFP. Be sure to
i. The student’s name (Elli)
ii. The condition under which the behavior will be performed
iii. The specific observable behavior to be performed
iv. The criterion to which the level of performance at the goal will be
v. The target date/timeline for goal attainment (note that for an ANNUAL
goal, this should be at the next annual review meeting for the IEP).3. Instructional Modifications/Accommodations
a. Develop modifications/accommodations that will allow the student equal
opportunity to access the curriculum and demonstrate achievement.
Accommodations/ modifications also provide access to nonacademic and
extracurricular activities and educationally related settings. Accommodations may be in, but not limited to, the areas of time, scheduling, setting, presentation and response including assistive technology and/or accessible materials. Identify frequency, location, setting, and duration.
b. Identify supports for school personnel (e.g., equipment, consultation, or training for school staff to meet the unique needs for the student)4. Participation in State and District Assessments/Accountability Systems
a. Based on the PLAAFP, determine if the student will participate in state and/or
division wide assessments or if the student meets the criteria for participation in
an alternative assessment program.
b. If the student is participating in statewide assessment, determine if
accommodations will be provided. For the accommodations that may be
considered, you may refer to Virginia Department of Education’s (VDOE’s)
Students with Disabilities: Guidelines for Assessment Participation for guidance.
c. If the student WILL NOT participate in the state or division wide assessments,
include a statement of justification.5. Placement (LRE), Services, and Supplementary Aids and Services
a. Based on the principle of Least Restrictive Environment (LRE), identify all
special education and related services the student will receive, including
frequency, location, and duration.
b. Include a statement of justification for each/all services provided and how your placement decisions reflect the principles of LRE with respect to the student’s PLAAFP. Alignment.


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