HUS 4804 TERM PROJECT – _ This project is an application of knowledge, values, a

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HUS 4804 TERM PROJECT – _ This project is an application of knowledge, values, and skills relevant to the management of human service organizations. Your answers should be based on your experiences and observations of management practices in the human service organization where you serve(d) as an intern or an employee. You will need a copy of the agency’s organizational chart and the mission and vision statements. If these are not available, you may develop your own, for the Agency, based on course work as well as the examples found under Course Resources. Your answers must be supported by content from the textbook and other assigned readings. Part 1: Agency’s mission and management philosophy. (2 pages) • State the mission of the agency and describe its management philosophy. • Insert a copy of your agency’s organizational chart. Delete all names from the chart but leave the job titles and names of departments and programs. • Examine the organizational chart and describe how the agency uses its formal structure, including its Board of Directors, to achieve its mission. • Critique the organization’s effectiveness in communicating its mission to stakeholders and managing stakeholder relationships. • Use content from the text and other reading assignments to support your critique. Part 2: Management practices (3 pages including organizational chart) • Describe 2 or 3 management practices used by the organization that reflect “effective management”. • Describe one (1) ineffective management practice used by the organization and what you would do to improve it. Part 3: Conclusion (1 page) Include your reflections as noted below. • Reflect on lessons learned this semester, from theory class as well as from your internship experience, and, on your readiness, to manage a human service organization. • Include your Term Project Outline, showing Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3


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