HAMLET VS. BELOVED—ARE WE SCARED YET? This essay requires a strong thesis with t

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This essay requires a strong thesis with three divisions of proof which become the basis of at least three strong topic sentences in the body of the paper.
Hints to achieve a high score:
1) Detailed topic sentences that control the body paragraphs
2) Effective use of (brief) quoted passages that supply exactly the evidence you need to support your point
3)Above all, a strong thesis that flows through the entire essay
Any of these topics may become focal points for daily paragraphs, but ***PICK ONE**** for this full-length essay.
1)Sethe vs. Hamlet (the son): “Madness in Great Ones” Compare/contrast our two main characters. Argue that one is crazier than the other.
2)Which of these two is the better/stronger critical thinker?
3)The two ghosts—the elder Hamlet and Beloved, which of the two would you NOT WANT TO HAUNT your house? Explain with good topic sentences, etc. In other words, which ghost is closer to being a true evil spirit come to do harm? Which of them would be a bigger problem for an exorcist? Why?
4)Which of our two main characters, Sethe and Hamlet, exhibits more resilience in the presence of these hauntings and what they seem to imply and demand? Courage? Adaptability? Cunning? Persistence? Strength? Formulate your conclusion for any/all of these answers into a thesis and develop this into an essay.
5)Schoolteacher vs. Claudius—which of them is more treacherous, evil etc?
6)Denver and Ophelia are both extraordinarily alone at various times. Denver has Beloved, a succubus of sorts; Ophelia has her companionable madness. Compare/contrast these wounded young women and the obstacles each faces. Whose fantasies are more alive?
7)Gravedigger/clown vs. Amy Denver—smart and crazy at the same time. Pick your favorite and explain.
8)Paul D vs. Laertes–the undeniable male principle; which of these characters strikes you as being the embodiment of the alpha male? Explain, argue.
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Discipline: Hamlet vs Beloved


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