For this essay assignment, you will investigate the formal elements of a film, e

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For this essay assignment, you will investigate the formal elements of a film, examining components of its visual technique and narrative style. You must choose a film from the list of titles available on Netflix and posted on Google Classroom. You must choose a film from the list and explore the style and narrative of the film in the opening sequence and a scene of your choosing that you feel encapsulates the film’s overall approach to aesthetics. The purpose of this assignment is for you to examine how film form and content work together to produce specific effects and communicate the ‘meaning’ of the narrative. Once you have decided upon which film you wish to analyze, please address the following questions: 1. Discuss the use of mise-en-scène. Then highlight one element of mise-en-scène, whether composition, lighting, set design, actor performance, or costuming, and examine its usage in greater detail. How has the director and their team utilized this particular aspect of mise-en-scène in order to define character and story? 2. Choose two other elements of style – editing, music, soundtrack, narrative construction, genre, moving camera, cinematography etc. – and examine how they are deployed. How are they utilized and how do they contribute to the overall meaning and experience of the film? Please support your opinions with specific examples. Refrain from doing any research. Internet sources such as blogs or fan sites are not acceptable unless they are limited to background or production information. In addition, it is critical that you utilize proper essay format with an introduction, conclusion, thesis and logically developed argument. It is imperative that you do not summarize a plot of the film. You may provide description where necessary to clarify your observations and illustrate your views. The paper should be approximately five – six pages in length, double-spaced and will be due no later than May 24 th . Due to time constraints, this deadline is firm and any work submitted after then will not be accepted for credit. PICK ANY ONE OF THE MOVIES FROM THE ATTATCHMENT. I DON’T CARE WHICH ONE YOU PICK. JUST FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FROM ABOVE.


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