For this assignment, you will manipulate an Excel worksheet to organize and disp

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For this assignment, you will manipulate an Excel worksheet to organize and display data about sales totals throughout a year.
Download this Excel workbook (Links to an external site.). It already contains the data you need. Follow the directions, then submit your assignment. If you get stuck on a step, review this module and ask your classmates for help in the discussion forum.
Open the workbook. Save it to the Rowan folder on your desktop as BA132_LastName_SalesData.xlsx, replacing “LastName” with your own last name. (Example: BA132_Hywater_SalesData) It is a good idea to save your work periodically.
Format the data as a table with the name of the months and sales total as headers. You may use any table style you like.
Change the cell format so that all the sales totals display as currency with a dollar sign and two decimal places.
Indicate that the data for June and October needs to be verified by applying a different cell style to those cells.
AutoFit the column width.
AutoSum the total sales for the year.
Save your work and submit the workbook to Canvas.


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