For this assignment you will identify and describe a Nursing Situation in which

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For this assignment you will identify and describe a Nursing Situation in which a problem is identified. The issue introduced will be one that you believe matters to and makes a difference for our patients. A nursing situation is an exchange between the nurse and the nursed (patient) where coming to know other occurs. Describe only one specific situation with a patient – this can be from your clinical practice, simulation experiences, or personal situations. They must be nursing-care related and patient centered, not medical or organizational problems. You will then describe the nursing call (problem) in the last few sentences of your nursing situation. You will write a double-spaced paper no longer than one page in APA format. A title page and reference page (if citation is used) are required. You will receive feedback from faculty for your final version. See APA Style Resources with the Module “Resources” for proper APA formatting. Example Nursing Situation PaperActions Examples_Nursing Situation, Call to Nursing, PICOT Question-1.pptxActions Tips to help with your Nursing Situation: If you are in this course, you are all familiar with nursing situations, what they are, and their significance to nursing. For those who have not written a nursing situation in prior classes and are only familiar with what a nursing situation is here is a brief review and some helpful tips when writing your nursing situation; there is an example at the end. A nursing situation describes an encounter you had with a patient. It can be a physiological patient problem, a psychological patient problem, and/or an issue involving a patient’s family and/or other healthcare provider/worker. Please keep it patient centered for this assignment. You (as a nurse) must be directly involved in the situation (i.e., care, event); as such, the nursing situation is written in the first person, “I entered the patients room” or “I took my time and spoke clearly.” A nursing situation and call to nursing is like a story — it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The beginning sets the foundation by either listing or describing ‘objective’ details. For example, it can be lab work, location, clinical assessment, or nursing observations (i.e., facial distortion due to physical pain, rapid breathing, tearful eyes, grunting). The middle describes interactions and/or experience(s) between the nurse and one being nursed (i.e., fears that are expressed to the nurse, narratives between nurse and the one being nursed, behaviors between nurse and one being nursed). The middle is where caring takes place between the nurse and the one being nursed; in other words, this is where the expressions of caring between the nurse and patient are described – you should not use quotes. Then, at the end, a call to nursing is derived. The call to nursing is the problem you as a nurse identified within the situation, and how you addressed the problem with this particular patient — this occurs during the experience between the nurse and patient. Please note: you are describing the co-experience of the nurse and the one being nursed and how your intentional interaction with the patient enhanced well-being for the one being nursed (remember, ‘well-being’ is subjective and how you perceive well-being may not be what others perceive as well-being; thus, keep an open mind). Below, I crafted a nursing situation, a call to nursing.


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