For this assignment, each student will write a PICOT question relevant to the nu

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For this assignment, each student will write a PICOT question relevant to the nursing call (problem) that was introduced in the Nursing Situation assignment. There are two parts and two due dates to this assignment (1) Posted PICOT question (due May 28th) and (2) you must reply to a fellow peer (due June 1st) using the rubric below for peer-review. (1) Each student is to post the following on the discussion board (Due May 28th): Write a brief description of your nursing problem (no more than a 2-3 sentences). Complete a written PICOT question in question format using the PICOT templates based on the type of question you are asking. PICOT question must be relevant to the discipline of nursing, nursing praxis, and your nursing situation. For example, do not craft a question that requires a social worker, a psychiatrist, a physician, or any other healthcare discipline outside of nursing to address your question and reach your stated outcome.) You must identify the type of PICOT question you are asking and the components of your PICOT question. (Please note, “T” is optional.) Templates for asking a PICOT Question, short definitions of different types of PICOT questions and sample PICOT questions are attached here: Formulating a PICOT Question.docx and can also be found within your textbook, chapter 2. Identify components of your PICOT Question: P = Population; I = Intervention or issue of interest; C = Comparison intervention or issue for observation; O = Outcome; T = Time. The PICOT components must be relevant and matched to the type of PICOT question you selected. For instance, if you choose to use an intervention type question, the I component (intervention) must be an action that can to result in the outcome (O component). Rubric for Initial Post due May 28th: Rubric PICOT Question.docxActions (2) Each student is to reply to a fellow peer (Due June 1st): Each student will select and respond to one person’s PICOT discussion post: PICOT Question Peer Review Rubric.docxActions Search entries or author


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