For this 90-minute essay exam, you will develop a six-paragraph essay with the t

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For this 90-minute essay exam, you will develop a six-paragraph essay with the thesis statement and four topic sentences given. Provide an introductory and a concluding paragraph, and develop the given topic sentences with body paragraphs that contain supportive concrete details from the text and analytical commentary on those details. You may use direct quotation from Annie John, but paraphrase and summary of concrete details are sufficient. Don’t spend valuable time looking for exact quotations when you can paraphrase them quickly. Topic sentences are given in an order that made sense to me as I prepared them. (I did not scramble them to challenge you.) However, you may change the order of the topic sentences if a different sequence would better suit your purposes. Note that the key word from the thesis that I repeat in the topic sentences for clarity and coherence is “child/childhood.” Thesis Statement: In Annie John by Jamaica Kincaid, Annie is still stuck in her childhood when she rebels against her mother; her future begins when she makes a deeper connection to her past. Topic sentences: Annie disdains maturity and clings to childhood because her mother’s attitude toward her abruptly shifts when Annie John begins transforming into a “young lady.” Some may argue that Annie’s rebellion against her mother ends her childhood because this is when she switches her focus to her friends. (In this paragraph, refute the counterargument that Annie’s rebellion proves she is no longer a child. When refuting a different view, you need not be black and white. You can grant that an opposing view has some merit.) The mysterious illness that debilitates the rebellious Annie John makes her like a child again, which allows Ma Chess to give her the nurture she needs to finish growing up. In her final walk to the jetty with her parents, Annie John reflects on and appreciates her childhood, which gives her the strength to move on toward her future in England. Tip: An introductory paragraph can begin by hooking the reader’s attention with something like a quote, an anecdote, or a metaphor that engages the reader with the topic of the essay—in this case, growing up. The thesis statement is usually the last sentence of an introductory paragraph, unlike topic sentences, which are usually at the start of a body paragraph.


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