Follow these steps to complete our NIL project. Student Athlete Selection Identi

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Follow these steps to complete our NIL project.
Student Athlete Selection
Identify an amateur athlete to represent, and gain an understanding of what they can and can’t do.  Here are some important rules to consider. Watch videos in Canvas for more details.
Consider NIL rules – athletes can hire representation
Boosters can purchase player merchandise
International students may have visa laws limiting working hours (20 hrs)
Student athletes can’t promote some categories (alcohol/drugs)
State schools won’t allow conflicting categories to exclusive official university partnerships (Adidas school – Student can’t rep Nike )
Deliverable: Provide an overview of your student athlete for this assignment.  Provide some background information on who they are, why they were selected, and how you expect them to be successful.  Consider the NIL rules in place, and work within the current framework to establish your strategy. 
Student Athlete Brand Analysis
Analyze this student athlete and their marketability.  Explore stories that may help brand your student athlete, and begin to identify potential markets that might be interested in working with this athlete. Unique Strategy to create brand awareness;
Establish potential stories to tell to help brand your student athlete
Personal Interests
Hobbies or unique skills
Charitable Organizations
Personal Experiences
Deliverable:  1. Student Athlete Bio & Profile 2. Student Athlete Boilerplate Elevator Pitch 3. Social media followers, and overall influence on social
Social media Strategy
Select 2-5 social media platforms to target and address why these platforms are appropriate for your client.  Consider and addressing the following items as you craft a social media strategy using these platforms
Tik Tok / Youtube / Instagram / Facebook / Snapchat / Linked In / others…..
How you will engage on these platforms? Types of stories, or videos to use
Suggested influencers on these platforms to connect with / follow / collaborate
Deliverable: 6 month strategy for your student athlete.  Can incorporate pre-season, in-season or post-season. What they should post; when they should post, what story to tell and why this all makes sense.  Can be in a table, or written timeline that illustrates your strategy for creating engaging content that will help student athletes generate interest and potential revenue.
Personal branding strategy
Who is your student athlete and what do they stand for?  What are their unique interests, abilities, hobbies, or activities of interest outside of their sport?  Who would their ideal audience be on social media, and what type of stories would be interesting enough to share? Create a strategy to build brand awareness and outline PR strategy  – Develop PR assets – Bio for their Profile and more.
Pitch 3-4 social media stories based on your athletes’ brand
Charitable work / involvement
Behind the Scenes / Day in the life
Fantasy Football draft analysis / playing video games with other athletes
Strategic Timing of posts
Think Local / hometown or college town
Weekly blogs or podcasts
Social media postings across platforms
Deliverable: 3-4 Social Media stories that can be used across platforms.  For example a 5 minute Youtube video covering a student athletes charitable involvement, can be cut up into smaller 1-2 minute Instagram Reels, that can be then posted to their TicTok Channel, and then shared on Facebook Live.  The same content can be repurposed across these platforms to build awareness, and drive interest
Cashing In
Identify 6-8 ways to generate revenue for this student athlete, and link those activities to their brand, and potential opportunities that can be created using their Name Image and Likeness.  Activities could include, but are not limited to:
Sell merchandise, Athletes’ own brand of merchandise; or a vendor they work with
Sell autographs or access to themselves personally through appearance fees
Join cameo- charge for shoutout videos
Accept payment for paid posts on social platforms; who would pay and why?
Accept free stuff from brands to eat/use/ wear or promote on social media
Run camps for younger athletes either on campus or back at home
Monetize social media channels for paid commercial ads: if warranted
Get creative here, and use your chosen student athletes’ personal brand to identify potential revenue streams or gifts in kind that can help support them as they navigate the world of college athletics.
Deliverables: Identify 6-8 realistic potential partners for this student athlete. Your student athlete should also have 6-8 clear strategies to generate revenue using their NIL.  Match PR opportunities with athletes brand positioning.  Identify potential ways they can engage sponsors, promote products, or provide value to others, and capitalize on this new opportunity.  Make sure these are realistic suggestions, and provide details on where/when/how/ and why each strategy would work. Target charitable pursuits and Leverage possible interest
Identify potential partners and link their brand with your athletes’ to illustrate a direct connection that will support your suggestions.


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