Explain your results: why is the research important? Are there gaps or areas for future research?

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For this assignment, Please submit your Audio PowerPoint presentation for your instructor to review. Prior to posting your final presentation in Canvas, you may want to review the points below.
Tips for your presentation:
Your presentation should be 10-15 minutes long.
If you need a way to measure this, here are some tips.
You should plan one slide per minute of your talk (total number of slides should not exceed 12-16). The break-down can be:
1–2 slides for the introduction,
1 slide for research methods (if relevant),
3–4 slides for the body of research,
3–4 slides for discussion/results,
1–2 slides for perspectives and recommendations
1 slide for the conclusion.
2. Each slide should have a brief audio narration.
3. Each slide should have few short sentences and may include graphics, tables, or pictures.
4. Make sure that all parts on each slide are readable when projected.
Check your presentation slides for spelling and grammar.
Cite your work using the American Psychological Association (APA) style (most current edition).
Grab the listeners’ attention at the very outset.
Introduce yourself, the topic, and explain your focus right away.
Summarize the most important components of your research.
Explain your results: why is the research important? Are there gaps or areas for future research?
Present a strong conclusion.
Think about questions others may have and be prepared to answer them. (You will be able to respond but it is still good to anticipate what others may want to ask you.)
Include your references.


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